Chef Sabrina Sexton is Culinary Arts Program Director at Institute of Culinary Education NYC

Sabrina Sexton

Program Director, Culinary Arts

"I'm constantly finding ways to connect with people."


As a pre-med student at Johns Hopkins University, Sabrina Sexton found herself less than inspired. She followed graduation with stints waiting tables and doing prep work in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a way of making sure that she enjoyed the restaurant industry in addition to enjoying cooking.

In 1993, Sabrina returned to her hometown of New York City and enrolled at ICE, where VP of Education Richard Simpson was one of her instructors. After graduation, she worked at Chanterelle. In 1996, she moved to Gramercy Tavern, where she first worked in the pastry department with fellow ICE graduate Claudia Fleming before switching to the culinary side and becoming the restaurant's tavern chef. In 1999, she made the move to full-time teaching.

"We're constantly dealing with students from so many backgrounds," says Chef Sabrina. "You need to think of new ways, try new methods to reach students with different goals and expectations."

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