Toba Garrett

Dean, The Art of Cake Decorating

"Working in the food industry is creative and fulfilling, as long as you have a real passion for what you do."


Toba Garrett is a nationally recognized, award-winning cake decorator. Though she originally pursued a career on the stage, she has been working as a cake artist for more than 30 years. Garrett studied at Fordham University, Long Island University and Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and has taught classes at The New School and French Culinary Institute. She has also written several cookbooks, including "The Well-Decorated Cake," "Professional Cake Decorating," "Master Class," "Creative Cookies," and most recently, "Wedding Cake Art and Design."

In 1990, Garrett opened her own cake business and began teaching at ICE in 1993. Garrett's work has appeared on national TV and in countless magazines, and in 2010, Garrett was named one of the Ten Best Cake Artists in the U.S. by Dessert Professional. In 2011, her book Wedding Cake Art and Design received the IACP Cookbook Award for Professional Kitchens. 

Garrett has been a central figure in ICE's Pastry and Baking Arts program since her arrival in 1993 and is the mastermind behind the curriculum for ICE's professional development program, The Art of Cake Decorating.

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