An ICE career services advisor checks in an ICE student for the bi-annual career fair

ICE Campuses

Skyscrapers, Sunshine, and Online

With Campuses in New York City and Los Angeles, and full diploma programs available online, there’s an ICE education environment for everyone

ICE Campuses in two culinary capitals, and in your home, too!

With campuses in New York City and Los Angeles and 17,900+ alumni spanning the globe, the Institute of Culinary Education's network is vast and helps us put students directly in the path of some of the world’s top chefs and restaurants. Regardless of whether you choose to attend in person at an ICE campus in NY or LA, or online from home, our expert instructors and job placement team will help you achieve your culinary career ambitions.

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ICE Campus: New York City

The story of the Institute of Culinary Education is intrinsically linked to the city that never sleeps. From our founding on the Upper West Side over 40 years ago as Peter Kump’s Cooking School, to our current location spanning 74,000 square feet in lower Manhattan, New York City’s ravenous appetite for innovation and growth has inspired generation after generation of up-and-coming chefs. Beyond the classroom, students can explore the vast culinary offerings of New York’s many neighborhoods, volunteer at esteemed culinary organizations such as The James Beard Foundation, and through their industry externship, spend time in the kitchens of great chefs. In addition, being in New York City means it’s easy for top talent to stop by our campus. Some of the biggest names in the industry visit ICE NYC to recruit, and to participate in our Meet the Culinary Entrepreneur events and Chef Demo series.

ICE Campus: Los Angeles

In 2017, the Institute of Culinary Education expanded to the west coast to accommodate the growing interest in professional culinary education. Los Angeles was an easy choice for our second ICE campus. With an ever-evolving food scene that celebrates multi-cultural cuisine, Michelin-starred restaurants and cheap eats alike, the City of Angels has it all. In addition to great restaurants and renowned chefs, the produce that comes out of this bountiful region provides ingredients that inspire and transform dishes from edible to extraordinary. Students at ICE LA not only have the opportunity to learn from our own Chef-Instructors, they benefit from the network of LA chefs who come to campus to give talks and host externs at their famed restaurants. Long before ICE LA opened its 38,000 square foot campus in Pasadena’s historic Playhouse District, ICE alumni had been thriving in the area, owning and running restaurants and food businesses across southern California, and paving the way for the next generation of ICE alumni to do the same.

ICE Online

After 40+ years educating students, we know the desire to attend culinary school and learn professional techniques lives in people from all walks of life and locations. For many prospective students, the inability to re-locate for school has held them back from pursuing their dreams. The Institute of Culinary Education’s Online Diploma Programs removes that obstacle by providing foundational, professional training to students in their home. The virtual learning environment and online curriculums have been expertly designed by a team of chefs and educators from ICE's New York and Los Angeles campuses. The programs teach students foundational skills and how to apply them during a hands-on externship in a professional kitchen. Make your home your campus with ICE’s Online Diploma programs.