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ICE’s online Hospitality & Hotel Management program is accredited and designed for the individual who is unable to attend ICE in person, but wants training in how to launch a career in the world of hotels, tourism and many other areas of the hospitality industry.

Diploma Program

100% Online* Courses – Get Ready to Pursue A Career with Global Potential

Just like our on-campus program, the Institute of Culinary Education’s online diploma program in Hospitality & Hotel Management trains students for a career in industries such as travel, tourism and event planning. This synchronous online diploma program is scheduled to align with the Hospitality Management courses being taught at ICE's New York campus. Just like students in our campus classrooms, online students can earn their diploma in less than a year.

Hospitality management is a field in which great talent is rewarded — and promoted. With a solid education to support your career and plenty of opportunities for growth in this exciting industry, you’ll have the potential to advance quickly and work with a diverse group of colleagues. 

*The externship portion of this program must be completed in person.

Quick Facts

Program Name: Hospitality & Hotel Management - Online

Program Duration: 8 or 12 months

Class Times: morning, afternoon, evening 

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Is Our Online Program Right For You?

If you’re unable to attend class in person at one of ICE's campuses and are looking for a comprehensive education in the business side of the hospitality industry, our online program is a perfect option. Class schedules align with our New York campus class schedules so our online students can enroll in a program that starts and ends at times that work best for their lifestyle.

An ICE hospitality student shares a presentation with the class at the Institute of Culinary Education

Unique & Specific Training

An education specifically dedicated to hospitality management lays the foundation for a wide variety of potential career paths by exposing you to what it takes to run a hospitality establishment; from large international hotel chains, to boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, short and long-term homestays and much more. With our flagship campus located in one of the most famous tourism cities in the world, instructors from ICE New York provide online students with a unique opportunity to learn the nuances of this field from educators with years of industry experience.

Staff of a hospitality business mixing beverages

Real-World Hospitality Education

Our Hospitality & Hotel Management curriculum blends course work, role-playing, guest lectures by industry experts and when possible, field trips — using NYC as your classroom. ICE’s hospitality management classes cover topics such as sales and marketing, hotel management, restaurant management, human resources and more. The accounting and finance unit teaches practical skills such as menu pricing and managing payroll, while the operations courses cover front and back-office hotel management responsibilities, including reservations and security. In other segments, students study such topics as menu design, marketing and public relations, event management and conference planning. The curriculum culminates with a 200-hour externship at a hotel or hospitality enterprise selected by you, with the support and guidance of your personal Career Services Advisor. 

Online - Hotel & Hospitality Management Program Schedule

ICE is approved to offer online distance education to students in select states. ICE's online Hospitality & Hotel Management program is taught synchronously, which means students must be present (online) at the time the class is scheduled. Class times for this online program are scheduled at the same time as on-campus Hospitality & Hotel Management program taught at ICE's New York Campus. Like the on-campus program, this online program is offered in a wide variety of schedule options, including mornings, afternoons and evenings. Classes meet three, four or five times per week..

Tuition includes all books and supplies, so you're fully equipped from day one. All online Hotel & Hospitality Management program students are also eligible to take our popular Wine Essentials series on campus at no additional charge. Visit our Tuition and Discounts page for complete information on the cost for specific class dates and times.

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Evening (12 months)

  • Hours: Mon., Tues., Weds., Thurs., 6 p.m.-9 p.m.
  • Start Date: TBD
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Morning (12 months)

  • Hours: Mon., Weds., Fri., 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
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Afternoon (8 months)

  • Hours: Mon.-Fri, 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
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Dual Diploma Discount

Combine business and cooking skills to accelerate success. Students enrolled in the online Hospitality & Hotel Management program who also enroll in another diploma program, such as Culinary Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts or Pastry & Baking Arts can receive a discount worth up to $4,000.


Take the Next Step Toward a Hospitality Career

The admissions process is the start of a lasting relationship with ICE. Your Admissions Representative will introduce you to the personal experience our school is known for. Their mission is to understand your career goals and help you select the right program(s) to fit your needs and interests.

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You know it's in you — the ambition to pursue a rewarding career in hospitality. ICE is ready to help you achieve your career dreams.

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Learn about Externships

A hands-on externship in a professional hospitality business is a vital component to the ICE education. Working closely with your Career Services Advisor, we’ll help you find the right fit to start getting experience and broadening your network, even while you’re still in school.

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ICE's Hospitality & Hotel Management diploma program is taught synchronously with the on-campus program at ICE's New York campus. The program includes lectures, guest speakers from successful hospitality enterprises and, when possible, field trips to local hotels and hospitality businesses.

The program consists of 638 hours, divided into 10 courses with 219 lessons. The 11th course is a 200-hour off-site externship at the location of the student's choice, according to his or her career goals — an opportunity that adds essential experience to the student's resume and often leads to a job after graduation.

The online Hospitality & Hotel Management training program is constructed as follows:

Course 1


38 hours

This course begins with an overview of the history, challenges, and opportunities of the hospitality industry, which is followed by an exploration of the structure and organization of lodging operations. Levels of service, tourism, and disruptive technologies are introduced, as well as information on developing career trajectories and matching skills and talents to specific areas of responsibility in the hospitality industry.

Course 2


40 hours

Students explore the core concept of service in hospitality with a focus on developing a guest-centric mindset. The course emphasizes providing guests with a positive, individualized experience, building an inclusive service culture, and balancing extraordinary service with the other imperatives of the organization.

Course 3


50 hours

This course prioritizes the financial aspects related to the hospitality industry, accentuating the significance of ambition, hard work, and comprehending financial numbers for success in the industry. Necessary financial concepts such as profit and loss statements, breakeven analysis, revenue management, calculation and projection, budgeting, and interpreting financial statements are covered in detail.

Course 4


44 hours

This course provides practical skills and real-world applications for those interested in hospitality management careers. Students are provided with a comprehensive overview of front and back office management responsibilities in the hospitality industry, including e-commerce, PMS operation, reservation processes, security protocols, record keeping, and audit procedures. The course also includes the prestigious AHLEI front desk certification, a recognized credential in the industry. Additionally, instruction integrates revenue management, focusing on effective pricing strategies, demand forecasting, and yield management techniques.

Course 5


40 hours

This course focuses on the critical role of food and beverage in the context of full-service hotels and events. Students explore menu design, purchasing, controls, dining room management, alcoholic beverage service, and financial management tools. The class dives into food production, providing a comprehensive understanding of the operations and management of food and beverage divisions in hospitality enterprises. Additionally, students explore how food and beverage departments interact with other departments within the hospitality industry, offering a holistic perspective on the dynamic nature of this field.

Course 6


44 hours

This course offers students an in-depth understanding of the critical role of the rooms division in the hospitality industry. Focusing on housekeeping, engineering, and security, students are taught how these departments interact with the front office to ensure a clean, safe, and secure environment for guests. The course covers essential safety policies and procedures in compliance with OSHA regulations, as well as best practices for effective management of laundry and maintenance operations. Additionally, students have the opportunity to obtain AHLEI certification, further enhancing their knowledge and credentials in the field of rooms division management. 

Course 7


50 hours

This course offers valuable insights on effectively recruiting, training, supervising, and maintaining a skilled staff in the hospitality industry. Students explore key topics such as inclusivity, compensation, human resource information systems, management techniques, union shops, and employee discipline. Additionally, the course includes expanded content on positive culture building, diversity and equity, and safety to equip students with essential information for successfully managing a team-oriented staff. 

Course 8


44 hours

This course focuses on the strategic aspects of sales and marketing in the hospitality industry. Students explore topics such as marketing audits, consumer targeting, sales office organization, sales cycle, technology tools for marketing, cross-promotions, and sales force management. The course emphasizes the importance of positioning and marketing a property properly to optimize its performance and reach a targeted demographic. 

Course 9


40 hours

In today's digital age, reputation management and a strong social media presence are essential for success in the hospitality industry. In this course, students dive into the practical application of social media, public relations, and digital marketing strategies.

Course 10


48 hours

This course covers the logistics of planning and executing large-scale conferences, conventions, and galas in the growing hospitality management industry. Students explore a plethora of information for a better understanding of complex management skills, including theme creation, timeline organization, and coordination of catering and technical resources such as audio/visual effects and lighting. Interactive lectures and group discussions focus on budgeting, site selection, ADA compliance, and marketing strategies. Additionally, this course incorporates CVENT certification, providing students with industry-relevant skills for successful event management.

Course 11



At the end of their in-class training, students complete an externship to apply the skills they have gained. Students may choose to complete their externship within a broad range of hospitality and tourism venues, such as hotels, events or catering companies.

Hospitality: Thriving with Opportunity

The Global Force of Hospitality Management

Hospitality and hotel management is a key discipline for the trillion-dollar global hospitality industry consisting of travel, tourism and hotels. Its practitioners enjoy careers found in hotels, resorts, spas, casinos, cruise ships, conference planning and event management, food, beverage and catering, as well as at health, sports, entertainment venues, country clubs and more.

The front desk in a modern hotel lobby

Industry Highlights

While the term 'hospitality industry' covers many different services, it can generally be defined through five different sectors: lodging, travel and tourism, food and beverage, recreation, and meetings and events. Here are are some interesting statistics about this robust industry:

The global hospitality industry is worth over $3.952 trillion as of 2021 and there are about 1.6 million people employed by the U.S.’s accommodation industry. Recently the U.S. hotel industry has been estimated to be worth $177.6 billion and is predicted to grow by 33.6% in 2022. (Hospitality Trends and Market Data, Nov. 2022)

In terms of job market, the World Travel & Tourism Council's recent Economic Impact Report (EIR), announced the travel and tourism industry is expected to create nearly 126 million new jobs within the next 10 years.

A cruise ship sails through the ocean blue

The Industry for Travelers

New York City was expected to welcome 56.4 million visitors in 2022 alone, up from 32.9 million in 2020. Visitation is forecasted to have grown up to 61.7 million in 2023 and surpass 2019 levels by 2024. (NYC & Company, October 2022)

An ICE student graduates from the Hospitality & Hotel Management program

Built on Diversity

The hospitality management industry demands a multicultural, multigenerational workforce. The industry does not discriminate — it enables. Career momentum within the hospitality industry is well documented, as larger organizations have structured, in-house career training programs and offer managers the opportunity to transfer to other locations across the globe. The world of hotels and tourism provides an opportunity for exposure to everything from family-owned bed & breakfasts, to the ability to climb the corporate ladder at some of the world's largest hospitality companies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) April 2022 employment report, jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector increased by 78,000, with workers ages 45 and older making up 26% of the workforce. It is not uncommon for restaurants, hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses to have four or more generations of employees proudly working alongside one another toward the common goal of providing guests an unforgettable experience.

ICE alum Rommel Gopez shares why he decided to enroll in ICE's Hospitality management program

“Before I went to ICE, I was already working in the hospitality industry. But I wanted to learn more and have something under my belt to show that I was serious about my profession. I wanted the diploma to go with my work experience.”

Rommel Gopez
Hotel & Hospitality Management Diploma

Technology Taught: ResNexus

Communication among various teams within all hotel departments makes or breaks the guest experience, which means knowing how to effectively use a hotel's reservation management system is vital. This is why ICE provides hands-on training to our hospitality program students on ResNexus, a popular online property management booking system. This software seamlessly transmits property information and rates, and provides many of the tools a hotel staff needs to do their day-to-day jobs. Tasks covered in ResNexus include handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, managing room inventory, accommodating the needs of in-house guests and handling accounting and billing. This multi-faceted perspective helps staff process rooms and serve their guests with the greatest amount of insight.