Dicing vegetables in plant-based classes for continuing education.

Plant-Based Cooking Classes

Plant-Forward Culinary Nutrition and Food Therapy Certificate Programs, Vegan Baking Workshops and Recreational Plant-Based Cooking Classes.

Grow Your Plant-Based Skill Set

In addition to Plant-Based Culinary Arts career training, ICE is proud to introduce professional development and recreational classes that train students in the art of plant-forward cooking. Culinary Nutrition and Food Therapy certificate programs are offered at ICE’s New York campus throughout the year in addition to a wide variety of single-session plant-based cooking courses for continued education, and multi-day vegan cooking and baking workshops.

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Kabocha Salad in plant-based culinary classes for continued education.

Culinary Nutrition Certificate Program

The Culinary Nutrition certificate program offers students an in-depth and hands-on exploration of evidence-based plant-forward nutrition. The program explores the science of nutrition, trends and specialized diets, and nutrition in the marketplace, all through lectures and kitchen labs. Led by ICE’s Director of Nutrition Education, this vegetarian and pescatarian curriculum includes guest lectures from experts in topics like fermentation, sustainability and current culinary trends. This program is typically offered two times per year. Upon completion of the course, students will have experience incorporating the fundamentals of nutrition into their culinary perspective. This course covers:

  • Food-Based Macronutrients
  • Nutrients of Concern in Vegan/Vegetarian Diets
  • Econutrition and Sustainable Food Systems
  • Farm-to-Table and Root-to-Frond Cooking
  • Food Allergies and Allergy-Free Cooking
  • Macrobiotic, Paleo, Raw and Ayurvedic Cooking
Lentil Salad in plant-based culinary classes for continued education.

Food Therapy Certificate Program

It's no secret that proper nourishment can be a powerful aid to the healing process. In this intimate, interactive program, ICE’s Director of Nutrition Education will take you on a deep dive into using food to treat the whole body, or specific symptoms. The Food Therapy certificate program covers whole-systems biology, core nutritional imbalances and how to translate a dietary prescription into practical flexitarian meal planning and preparation. Students discover how specific diets and cooking techniques can be used as a therapy for a variety of health conditions. Instruction includes how specific dietary patterns support health and play a role in disease management and wellness. The course is typically held two times per year and consists of lectures, meal planning, case study discussions and kitchen lab sessions.

Learn about sweeteners in ICE's plant-based culinary classes for continuing education.

Professional Development

As the leader in plant-based, health-supportive culinary education, we understand that students are interested in many aspects of the food system. ICE’s interactive and dynamic plant-based cooking courses for continued education are designed to offer students the opportunity to gain firsthand experience and expertise in the techniques of healthful cooking. Through collaboration with accomplished chefs, industry experts and partners, the certificate programs provide new perspectives on exciting and essential components of the better food movement.

vegan cookies in plant-based classes for continuing education.

Vegan Baking Workshops

Develop vegan baking techniques with wholesome, plant-based ingredients in three and four-day intensive workshops in which you’ll practice vegan desserts including cookies, bars, pies, tarts and flourless and frozen desserts. Discover what it takes to make outstanding desserts free of dairy, eggs or refined sweeteners.

Sea vegetables in plant-based culinary classes for continued education.

Plant-Based Recreational Classes

We’re excited to add a diverse offering of plant-based culinary classes for continuing education that promote healthy meal planning and lifestyles. Our ever-evolving menu of single-session classes may include:

  • Bowls That Heal
  • Gluten-Free Quick Breads 
  • Nut Milk and Cheese
  • Vegan Burgers That Rock
  • Vegan Entrees for Meat Lovers