Michael Eisenberg is Instructor, Restaurant & Culinary Management

Michael Eisenberg

Instructor, Restaurant & Culinary Management


During his more than 25 years in the food and beverage industry, Michael Eisenberg has opened a variety of restaurants, quick-service food concepts, specialty food stores, supermarkets, supper clubs and bars. Eisenberg owned, managed and consulted for a variety of establishments internationally, including in Moscow, Russia, where he was the General Manager for the first American supper club. He assisted in opening the first American supermarket in Moscow and a chain of restaurants in the ex-Soviet Union, and consulted for various establishments in the Moscow and Siberian regions. Eisenberg went on to create and implement his supper club concept in Montreal, Canada, which quickly gained notoriety and was listed as one of the top 20 clubs in North America by MTV.

In Los Angeles, Eisenberg was the food and beverage director for The Argyle, a 64-room boutique hotel on the Sunset Strip. Under his tenure, the establishment gained prominence as the premiere hangout for “young Hollywood.” The art-deco hotel increased sales by 300% under Eisenberg’s administration.

In New York City, Eisenberg was involved with R&R entertainment as the bar manager and closing manager at REX, an establishment popular with celebrities. The three-star restaurant and downtown nightclub epitomized the fervor and excitement of New York City’s nightlife. This was the stepping stone for his career.

Eisenberg served an integral part as the co-creator and COO at Alice’s Tea Cup in New York City, where he had been involved in creating a license agreement and raising capital for expansion of the concept. A tea guru, his knowledge of the product and trends in the tea marketplace are current and proven. In addition to his background as a restaurant professional, Eisenberg has talents as an expediter and contacts in the construction community. Focusing on the five boroughs, he has an impeccable reputation for attaining liquor licenses, food permits, operating permits, and other governmental licenses and permits related to the food industry.

Most recently, Eisenberg founded Acute Hospitality Consulting, a consulting company focused mainly on food and beverage in the hotel, small restaurant and strategic planning areas.

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