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Faculty Profiles

Meet Our Chefs & Instructors


Our talented instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and are one of the key ingredients in ICE’s unique recipe for award-winning culinary and hospitality education.

Some have worked in America’s finest restaurants. Others have won James Beard Awards, and still others have opened and operated their own hospitality or food businesses.

All of our faculty members bring an incredible range of skills into the classroom. With their extensive networks and experience, our instructors are respected experts in the industry. Beyond their impressive credentials, our chefs and management instructors share an unwavering dedication to their students and a deep commitment to teaching. Individual student attention, peerless education and generosity of spirit are the hallmarks of our faculty members.

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Andrey Godzhik

Andrey Godzhik

Instructor, Restaurant & Culinary Management
Roslyn Spence teaches in ICE LA's Pastry & Baking Arts program.

Roslyn Spence

Chef-Instructor, Pastry & Baking Arts
Amy Taylor is a pastry and baking arts chef-instructor at ICE's LA campus.

Amy Taylor

Chef-Instructor, Pastry & Baking Arts
Louis Eguaras is a Culinary Arts Chef Instructor at ICE.

Louis Eguaras

Lead Chef-Instructor, Culinary Arts
Herve Guillard is the Program Director of Pastry Arts at ICE.

Herve Guillard

Lead Chef-Instructor, Pastry & Baking Arts
Mishel LeDoux is the Director of Hospitality and Restaurant Management.

Mishel LeDoux

Director, Restaurant & Hospitality Management
Missy Smith-Chapman is a chef at ICE

Missy Smith-Chapman

Chef-Instructor, Pastry & Baking Arts
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