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The Art of Cake Decorating

Find your culinary voice through the craft of cake decorating at ICE's New York campus. From traditional cake artistry to modern cake design techniques, our comprehensive professional cake design program provides students with a solid foundation in this burgeoning area of pastry arts.

Certificate Program

Study the Art of Cake Decorating

Custom cakes in every shape and style have become the centerpieces of celebrations of all kinds. Learning how to create these spectacular show stoppers can be a profitable and creative outlet for bakers who want to widen their skillset. In ICE's Art of Cake Decorating continuing education program (currently offered only at ICE's New York campus), you'll practice crafting your own dazzling designs, from contemporary fashion cakes to intricate hand-piped masterpieces, alongside award-winning cake experts.


Quick Facts

Program Name: The Art of Cake Decorating

Program Duration: 12 weeks

Class Times: Afternoons

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Curriculum From a Living Cake Legend

Available at the New York campus, ICE’s Art of Cake Decorating program was developed by award-winning Chef Toba Garrett, one of the country’s most notable authors, instructors and practitioners of the art of cake design. Chef Toba has won many gold and silver medals at cake decorating competitions all over the world and her work has been featured by various media outlets including the Today Show, InStyle, Pastry Art and Design, Gourmet and many more. Dessert Professional named Chef Toba one of the 10 Best Cake Decorators in America, and she has even had her work featured by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

A beautifully decorated cake made by students in the ICE Professional Cake Decorating continued education program

From the Basics to Advanced Techniques

Our cake decorating continuing education courses explore the history of this intricate art, including instruction in celebrated traditions of cake design from around the world. Students will also train in various methods of contemporary cake decorating, from the basics of piping, advanced sugarwork and hand-sculpting to airbrushing, hand-painting and novelty cakes.

ICE Professional Cake Decorating continuing education Student graduate Genelle, Winner of Best in Show at the 2014 New York Cake Show

Craft Your Own Award-Winning Cake

Armed with expert cake design skills, alumni of our professional cake decorating classes have placed among the highest rated cakes at esteemed cake competitions, including the prestigious New York Cake Show. One of our alumni even won the competition’s grand prize — within mere days of graduating!

Cake Decorating Schedule Options

ICE Chef-Instructor Toba Garrett smiles while leading students in a cake decorating classTo provide the utmost flexibility, we offer a wide variety of schedule options for the Cake Decorating program at our campus in New York City, including afternoon and weekend schedules. Classes meet between two and five times per week.

Tuition includes a tool kit, knives, uniforms, books and ingredients so you're fully equipped for your kitchen classroom from day one. Visit our Tuition and Discounts page for complete information on the cost for specific class dates and times.

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NEW YORK: Afternoon (12 weeks)

  • Hours: Mon.-Fri., 3-7 p.m.
  • Start Date: TBD

Tuition Discount

Students can qualify for a tuition discount worth up to $4,000 by enrolling in The Art of Cake Decorating continuing education program and one of ICE’s career training programs.


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Image removed.Art of Cake Decorating Continuing Education Course Curriculum

"Students will learn how to create modern cake and how to make cakes that were done 100 years ago, when the art of pipework was really at its best," said Chef Toba Garrett, Dean of The Art of Cake Decorating continued education program, offering a sneak peek of what's in store for students of ICE's innovative cake decorating course. Over the course of 12 weeks and 240 hours of hands-on class time, students will receive comprehensive instruction in the art of cake decorating, from perfect piping and fondant to sugar flowers and airbrushing. 

Course 1


40 hours

The course will instruct how to prepare several different types of buttercream as well as prepare all types of piped borders and flowers. Through repetition and practice the student will build their skills and develop confidence. Icing cakes, pressure control piping and learning food color applications are a few of the key elements to compliment butter cream use.

Course Highlights:

  • Preparing and using buttercream icings
  • Pressure control piping, cornet preparation
  • Basic cake borders - shells, star flowers, ballooning, zigzag, reverse shells, fleur-de-lis, garlands and rope
  • Intermediate buttercream piping - grape clusters, sweet pea clusters, E shells, curved shells, shells with flutes, ruffles and swags, bows, basket weave
  • Basic floral piping skills - leaves, rose bud, half rose, full blown roses
Course 2


60 hours

This course will introduce students to all aspects of Royal Icing, from elementary flooding techniques, flowers and lace to advanced techniques such as brush embroidery and string work. The intricacies of the advanced techniques require precision and steadiness that students will develop with time and practice. Students will also be introduced to working with rolled fondant and using it to cover a styrofoam cake and boards. They will also be introduced to different methods for preparing pastillage and use these to create plaques.

Course Highlights:

  • Outlining and flooding techniques
  • Royal icing flowers such as cherry blossoms, forget-me-nots, primroses, violets, and daisies
  • Royal icing pipe work including Swiss dots, Cornelli lace and oval borders
  • Advanced royal icing techniques such as brush embroidery, drop, Oriental and Australian string work, Lambeth pipework, freehand embroidery, and intricate filigree lace
Course 3


40 hours

This course will introduce students to the more advanced techniques of rolled fondant including ruffling, drapery and ribbons. Students will also utilize hand skills to practice different writing techniques and marzipan modeling.

Course Highlights:

  • Advanced rolled fondant techniques for ruffling, drapery, smocking, crimping and tassels
  • The art of writing: alphabetic practice utilizing various mediums as well as greetings on cakes and sugar plaques made out of pastillage and gum paste
  • Hand modeling using marzipan and chocolate
  • Preparation and finishing of upscale decorated cupcakes and cookies
Course 4


60 hours

This course covers all aspects of preparing a wide assortment of sugar paste flowers. Students will be introduced to the basic equipment needed, coloring techniques, petal dusting and floral arrangement. Basic airbrush designs and airbrushing techniques for basic flowers will also be covered.

Course Highlights:

  • Gum paste blossoms, buds and foliage as well as gum paste flowers, including roses, carnations, daisies, lilies and cymbidium orchids
  • Airbrush techniques
Course 5


40 hours

In the final course of the program, students will focus on hand-sculpted cakes and novelty cake preparation, which will round out their skills as advanced cake decorators and allow them to utilize all of the elements and techniques covered throughout the course. The students will also complete their final project: creating and presenting a grand finale of cakes and sugar artistry.

Each student will be responsible for four (4) projects:

  • Three-tier cake (Styrofoam) iced in royal icing or rolled fondant and beautifully decorated in a classical or contemporary style
  • Floral spray (made up of a variety of sugar flowers)
  • Pastillage card or plaque with a handwriting greeting
  • Six decorated cookies or cupcakes

The Most Critical Connections of Your Career Are Often Right Next to You

Tour the classrooms at ICE  and you'll see a diversity of age, experience, background and goals. When looking for good schools for pastry & baking arts, students come from all over the United States and around the world to attend ICE.

Some are at the start of their careers, hoping to become an executive pastry chef in one of the nation's top restaurants, while some are career changers training for the next chapter in their lives. Others have already worked in the food industry and want to sharpen their skills in pursuit of better opportunities.

ICE Cake decorating graduate Genelle Beaton shares her experience at ICE

"I learned everything I needed to know about cake decoration, from the basics of buttercream to techniques of airbrushing, sculpting and designing contemporary cakes. Today I can say I have learned from the best and now have the confidence to do great things as an ICE graduate!"

Genelle Beaton
Professional Cake Decorating Graduate