charcuterie during montreal tour

A Chef’s Tour: Montreal

We arrived, exhausted, late on a Sunday night at a time when most restaurants are closed. We knew that we could rely on one excellent spot to be open, so we made the fifteen minute walk from our hotel

raw cacao bean on cutting board

In Search of Chocolate in Old New York City

Considering our new digs in the oldest part of the city, it hit me that perhaps we were bringing chocolate back to the neighborhood—old New Amsterdam. I began to ponder the chocolate history of New

pierre gagnaire restaurant menu

Memories of Menus Past

In turn, my formative years as a cook are defined as much by the meals I experienced as a guest as by the professional kitchens in which I toiled. In the Internet age, international culinary

Restaurant chef having intense conversation with cook

Kitchen Culture: The End of 'Yes, Chef'?

The “yes, chef” mentality stems from chefs who worked their way up in grueling environments, once called kitchen brigades. These environments were built for efficiency and excellence: a clear


A Chef's Guide to Rome

This might be a slight overgeneralization; there are a handful of Roman restaurants doing “modernist cuisine-molecular gastronomic” spins on traditional Roman cooking. However, most Romans find the

People taking a selfie at the James Beard Awards

2014 James Beard Awards

.This year, we were thrilled to have 36 culinary and pastry students participate (more than any other culinary school!), supporting such esteemed chefs as Kevin Sbraga (Sbraga Dining—Philadelphia)

woman setting table

Trending: Supper Clubs

And yet, in-home restaurants are now in vogue. An article recently published in The New York Post entitled “I Turned MY Apartment into a Restaurant" extolls the virtues of this trend in which (often

ICE students using iPads

Kitchen Innovation: iPads at ICE

For a program that is relatively short in duration—a mere twelve weeks to nine months of in-class work—this is a rigorous course load. So the last thing our students needed to juggle on top of it is a

heart shaped pancake

'Tis the Season for Giving

Things have been especially busy over the holiday season and we wouldn’t have it any other way. For Thanksgiving, we donated our kitchens to prepare meals for The Partnership for the Homeless and the

Football helmets and donuts

Food, Fire and Football: The New York Jets Tailgating Series

I suspect that shortly after man invented fire, he gathered around it with some friends, cooked hunks of meat over its burning embers and then went to watch a rock-throwing competition. Primitive man

Russian Culinary Students Visit ICE

A year after ICE first opened its doors at its new school in St. Petersburg, Russia, fifteen students from the school traveled more than 4000 miles for the chance to train with instructors such as

fried bread, often eaten as a snack with Lithuanian beer

Continuing Education: A Culinary Voyage to Lithuania

I’ve just arrived back at ICE after an inspiring week abroad, roaming the cities and the countryside of the tiny Baltic country of Lithuania. My great-grandfather emigrated from Lithuania to the US in

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