Pastry Chef Jurgen David

Meet Chef Jürgen David

Jürgen initially aspired to act, sing and dance, but he followed in his sister's footsteps pursuing a career in the kitchen to have a solid job in case those passions didn't pay off. While making

Khai Fah Chong in class

Health-Supportive Culinary Arts for Chefs Abroad

Management Training for Modern Barcelona Restaurants When the pandemic gripped Spain, Jose Fontana Bassols was forced to close the doors of the Flamenco restaurant where he was a food and beverage

Chef Kwame Onwuachi

Chef Kwame Onwuachi on Setbacks, Success and Storytelling

Kwame Onwuachi had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. As a late teen, he was already running his own catering company in New York City. A failed event led him to pursue training at the

Chefs Greg Proechel (Culinary, ‘10) and Victor Amarilla (Culinary, ‘15)

ICE Grads Team Up to Open NYC Tapas Bar

Though the duo’s new venture is a hit, it was an unsuccessful restaurant in Times Square that introduced the two chefs. Chef Greg, who was consulting at the establishment, was immediately impressed

Chef Kenna Copes

ICE Alum Works with Immigrant Chefs at Flavors from Afar

From a young age, Kenna knew that she wanted to pursue a career in culinary arts; however, she never imagined that her experiences would lead her to where she is today. Kenna had the realization she

Chef Peter George at ICE Los Angeles

Meet Chef Peter George

The young Peter George fantasized about one day becoming a professional soccer player, or what he calls football from his British upbringing, and traveling the world. An avid player as a pre-teen

Chef Peter Martinez on Hell's Kitchen

This ICE Alum Competed on Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen"

The New Jersey native ended up earning a liberal arts degree and spending over a decade working at Whole Foods and Day One Electronics before he decided to change careers to restaurant cooking. With

Chef Shant Halajian

From French Laundry Externship to Executive Chef

Born in Aleppo, Syria, Shant has long had professional chef ambitions. Shant recalls watching his mother hosting friends for celebrations and preparing elaborate meals for hours. “The aromas my mom

Chef Marcus Samuelsson outside of his restaurant Red Rooster. Photo by Angela Bankhead, MSG

Black Chefs Making History

There are so many influential cooks in Black culinary history, from modern celebrities to the storied authors we celebrated in 2020 to the indigenous Gullah Geechee who Mashama Bailey taught us about

Amy Baer Robinson

From NYC Film Composer to Culinary Entrepreneur

Amy fondly recounts the eclectic food scene that lined the streets when she lived in NYC for many years. Whether it be the little noodle shops in the heart of Chinatown or fine-dining restaurants

Wonjei Hwang

A Management Grad Brewing Success in the Coffee Industry

Wonjei first moved to the U.S. to earn his undergraduate degree in computer science from Indiana State University. While completing his studies, he worked a part-time job as a barista to make extra

Chef Alan Kang

Meet Chef-Instructor Alan Kang

Chef Alan Kang was born to Taiwanese parents in Northern California where he lived until his father's plan to open a haute Chinese restaurant in San Francisco was thwarted by the earthquake of 1989

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