ICE Chef Missy Smith-Chapman and a student smooth a cake in class

How ICE Chefs Balance Being Chefs and Moms

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and whether or not you’re a parent (this includes those with pets!), step-parent or child, mothers everywhere should be celebrated not just in May, but all year round. As

Chef Mashama Bailey at the 2022 James Beard Awards.

Meet the Speaker: Mashama Bailey

Few chefs have blazed onto the American dining scene with such universal praise as Chef Mashama Bailey. Born in New York City — in the Bronx, specifically — Chef Mashama spent some of her formative

Chef Gabi Chappel's "Next Level Chef" headshot

ICE Alumna Gabi Chappel is a “Next Level Chef”

The Plant-Based Culinary Arts (formerly known as “Health-Supportive Culinary Arts”) graduate is one of the final competitors on the cooking competition show, hosted by Chefs Nyesha Arrington, Richard

Chef Evan Funke's headshot

Meet the Speaker: Chef Evan Funke

A self-described “culinary storyteller and custodian of Italian tradition,” Evan Funke’s name is synonymous with elaborate hand-rolled pasta in the American culinary scene. With four restaurants, two

Chef Esther Choi speaking at ICE NY Commencement.

ICE Grad Esther Choi Hosts New Chef Competition Show

Following in the footsteps of ICE Alumni like Gail Simmons (host, “Top Chef”), Vivian Howard (host, “A Chef’s Life”); Marc Murphy (recurring judge, “Chopped”) and more who have been mainstays in the

Chefs working in a kitchen.

New York Times Best Restaurants 2024 Sees ICE Alumni Thriving

"I should have seen it coming last year when my editors put the following headline on my attempt to name the city’s greatest places to eat...That '2023' implies doing it again in 2024," Pete Wells

Women chefs on the line.

ICE’s Women Chef-Instructors Reflect on Their Time in the Industry

The professional kitchen has always been an environment where women have fought for their place. Through many incredible female mentors, progressive kitchen environments and legal protections put into

Chef Missy Smith-Chapman in the kitchen.

ICE Women Chef-Instructors Out of the Office

Olivia Roszkowski Culinary educator, recipe developer, chef and Brooklyn native, Olivia Roszkowski is no stranger to the plant-based lifestyle. A graduate from the Natural Gourmet Institute, Chef

An open cookbook on a kitchen counter.

Cookbooks Written by Female Chefs

Women in the kitchen is not a new phenomenon. In fact, you’ll find interviews with chefs across the world, in all types of cuisine and at all levels of sophistication stating they learned to cook from

Graduates at the ICE LA 2023 commencement ceremony throw their toques in the air in celebration

ICE Launches New Scholarships

ICE recently announced two new scholarships worth up to $35,000 and 195 high school scholarships worth up to $651,000. All are for students pursuing their dreams in the culinary and hospitality

ICE's PR Manager, Cory Sale, with Jacques Pépin and Jacques Torres.

ICE Honors the Legacy of the French Culinary Institute

ICE evolved from a predecessor school named Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School, which was founded in 1975. Over the years, ICE has continued to grow and evolve into the institution it is today. One

ICE alum Stephen Lampshire

Resolution Inspiration: ICE Alumni Changed Their Lives to Pursue Their Passion

Being a career changer in culinary school is more common than many people may think. Here are some stories about ICE alumni who changed careers to become the successful culinarians they are today

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