Liquid smoke fills a flask for a cocktail made with the Polyscience smoking gun

ICE + Polyscience

Culinary Education Meets Innovation

polyscience_375x375.jpgAt ICE, we make it our mission to offer students a comprehensive culinary education, with a solid foundation in the fundamentals and the opportunity to innovate and experiment with the latest technology.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Polyscience, a global company that creates unparalleled kitchen technology, to outfit ICE’s Culinary Technology Lab with their high-quality products: from common professional tools like their Sous Vide Immersion Circulators and the “Smoking Gun” Handheld Food Smoker to highly specialized tools like the Rotary Vacuum Evaporator and the Sonicprep Ultrasonic Homogenizer.

ICE instructors can attest to the educational benefit of having access to culinary technology. Just ask ICE’s Director of Culinary Research, James Briscione, who can often be found experimenting with Polyscience equipment in ICE’s Culinary Technology Lab.

“This cutting edge technology can be found in top kitchens around the world. The fact that our students at ICE can learn with this equipment before they enter the professional kitchen sets them apart.” – James Briscione, ICE Director of Culinary Research

Our chef-instructors are also able to push the boundaries of their creativity. Says Chef James, “Having access to these tools and mastering the techniques also enables us as chef instructors to innovate and share exciting new dishes with students.”


Once they graduate, ICE students will not only have experience with the newest kitchen technology, they’ll also have had the chance develop their own culinary creativity.

Together, ICE and Polycience are helping tomorrow’s chefs to discover their culinary voice.