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A grilled cheese sandwich on a plate.

5 Best Cheeses for Grilled Cheese

Bread and melted cheese are foundational components of meals throughout the world, from Welsh rarebit to French croque madames, Swiss fondue and Georgian khachapuri, not to mention the universally

Heritage Tomato, Sungold Tomato Broth, Lemon Balm and Cottage Cheese

A Summer Sungold Tomato Dish

Tomatoes can and should be one of the most amazing ingredients we have to work with. The plant's complex flavor and impressive variety are often overlooked when generic, uniformly tasteless varieties

Mixed heirloom tomatoes sit on a metal plate

Ingredient Spotlight: Tomatoes

If you’ve ever spent even a little time at the farmers' market, you’ll know that August is all about tomatoes: cherry tomatoes become little bursts of tomato candy, heirloom varieties are worthy of

ICE students smile in a kitchen

ICE LA Students Cook Competitively For Charity

On June 23, ICE LA partnered with local community services organization Friends In Deed for the organization’s first-ever Cooking for a Cause fundraising event. The event, which was modeled after

Chef Eric Rowse's headshot

ICE LA’s Newest Lead Chef Loves Minecraft

He’s worked as an executive chef and chef de cuisine at multiple restaurants since 2016 and has an ever-growing list of innovative pop-up and brick-and-mortar restaurant ideas. He’s also an avid gamer

Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, pasta and garlic sit on a wooden surface

Fundamentals of Cheese: Cheese Seasonality

If not quite immortal, the very nature of cheese is indeed to decrease the water content of dairy, making it stable, edible and enjoyable well beyond its capabilities in a fresh state, but cheese does

Author Sahar Elgamil's za'atar seasoning recipe sits in a white dish

What is Za’atar Seasoning?

What is Za’atar? Za’atar is a spice blend composed of herbs such as thyme, oregano, marjoram or a combination of the three, along with other spices including sesame, sumac, cumin or coriander. The

A selection of fruits and vegetables on a white background

What is the Difference Between Fruits and Vegetables?

When it comes to which superstars of the food pyramid qualify as either fruits or vegetables, you'll be perhaps chagrined to learn that the answer isn’t often very simple. There’s a lot of either

Chopsticks pull ramen noodles out of a bowl of soup

Noodle Knowledge: An Introduction to Common Types of Japanese Noodles

Initially, these Japanese noodles were prepared in a similar style to Lamain (拉面), the classic hand-pulled Chinese noodle. Over time, Japanese chefs adapted and transformed these noodle dishes in

Multiple types of cheese a fruit sit on a black stone board

Fundamentals of Cheese: Understanding Cheese Pairings

At its core, cheese is salty and fatty, two aspects that make it especially friendly when it comes to finding partners in both beverages and other accompaniments, as salt and fat both amplify flavor

Chinese dumplings in a pan

Dumpling Delving: An Introduction to Chinese Dumplings

Going back as far as Western Han Dynasty, Chinese dumplings have continued to evolve with Chinese cuisine itself, resulting in a broad and extensive variety that can now be enjoyed around the world

Tongs grab a piece of chicken being cooked as coq au vin in a steel pan

Recipe: Coq au Vin

When it comes to pan design, there’s a method to the madness. A sloped pan, or sauteuse, is optimal for sautéing as the pan allows heat to escape quickly and offers quicker cooking times. A sautoir

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