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8 Important American Cheesemakers You Should Know

As the American artisanal cheese industry has been growing steadily over the past 30 years, and American cheeses have been earning accolades worldwide for their excellence and creativity, the words

A wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Understanding PDO Designation in Cheese, and Why it Matters

From certain varieties of olives and potatoes to various cured meats, to balsamic vinegar and cheese, there are certain foods that are inextricably tied to their place of origin. The specific terroir

A tray of samples at a food festival.

How & Why You Should Volunteer at ICE

Before I was a student in ICE’s Culinary Arts program, the only foodservice job I had was working behind a bakery counter. Aside from reheating quiche, I wasn’t preparing food — I helped customers

Braised chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce.

ICE's Culinary Arts Program Highlights

Taking the Culinary Arts program was a dream. And when you dream about going to culinary school — or at least when I did — I imagined pulling a roasted rack of lamb out of the oven, folding the

Cheese aging in a cheese cave.

Fundamentals of Cheese: Understanding Affinage

As all the world’s cheeses are made from the same basic ingredients — milk, salt, rennet and cultures — it is the aging process, at the hands of an affineur, that encourages baby cheese wheels to

Plating food on the line.

An ICE Alumna’s Advice for Choosing an Externship

The process of landing an externship at a restaurant is slightly different than the typical office interview process, as it allows you to experience the kitchen, meet the team and even show off some

A cheese board for the holidays.

3 Cheeses for a Thanksgiving-Worthy Cheese Plate

Of primary importance, cheese offers high value with low effort — a welcome departure from a majority of Thanksgiving’s signature dishes. When you’re spending all day in the kitchen for a meal that

A culinary student presenting her final dish.

What ICE's Culinary Arts Practical Exam Is Like

After months of demanding kitchen work, the final two days of ICE's Culinary Arts program consist of market basket challenges where students put forth their own dishes for their Chef-Instructor to

Chefs working on the line at a restaurant.

Essential Restaurant Terminology You Should Know to Feel Comfortable In the Kitchen

The hands-on career training programs at ICE end with an externship, an opportunity for students to gain experience in a professional environment while making connections to kick-start their careers

ICE alumna Katie Elliot holds a whisk and smiles

Meet ICE Alumna Katie Elliott, Private Chef and Content Creator

“It was a long journey to get here,” Chef Katie says. Career Beginnings With a background in studio and digital art, Chef Katie always had a creative streak. “I started out in advertising,” she says.

A hand scoops cheesy pommes aligot from a pot.

Fundamentals of Cheese: French Cheeses with Culinary Applications

This makes a certain degree of sense when you consider the most famous cheeses from both Italy and France. While Parmigiano-Reggiano and Pecorino are perfectly excellent to snack on in their own right

Meat cones in a Madrid market.

The Best Thing ICE Chef-Instructors Ate This Summer

With COVID-19 seemingly behind us (friendly reminder: it isn’t), ICE faculty and staff took the summer season by storm, both dining out locally in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as dining out

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