Modern culinary equipment in the Culinary Technology Lab at the Institute of Culinary Education

Culinary Technology Lab

Experience The Evolution of Cooking Innovation at ICE New York

In the history of cooking, the first spark of creativity came with man’s discovery of fire.

Since then, home cooks and professional chefs around the globe have refined the craft of heat-based cooking with a wide range of tools and techniques.

In the Culinary Technology Lab at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, students have the chance to explore the global history of the culinary craft using Woodstone equipment, from our tandoor oven to our plancha, hearth oven and vertical rotisserie. Overseen by ICE’s Vice President of Culinary Operations, Chef Barry Tonkinson, the lab also boasts equipment for modernist techniques, from sous vide technology to a rotary evaporator, ultrasonic homogenizer and more from Polyscience.

For ICE students, access to these rarified cooking elements offers opportunities to expand professional ambitions. Whether preparing naan in a 900 F tandoor, watching a pizza bubble in the hearth oven’s enveloping heat or roasting meat among the fire-licked walls of the vertical rotisserie, every moment is a hands-on educational experience. Our broad range of culinary technology distinguishes our students' opportunities for creative expression, skill development and growth.

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Turkey stock ingredients cook in a sous vide bath in the ICE Culinary Technology Lab

"Every step in the evolution of cooking — from man’s discovery of fire to sous vide — is part of the history of culinary technology. In ICE’s Culinary Technology Lab, our goal is to bridge the gap between ancient and modern techniques."

James Briscione, Executive Chef at Angelena's
Former ICE Director of Culinary Research

Imagine the creative possibilities

ICE New York chef instructors and students in the Culinary Technology Lab

Access to the Latest Culinary Technology

Beyond our core career programs at ICE New York, the Culinary Technology Lab also expands the menu of continuing education courses that the Institute of Culinary Education offers current culinary professionals. Brands seeking to engage with food professionals will also benefit from the lab’s juxtaposition with our state-of-the-art Mixology Center, creating a unique space for education and entertaining. For aspiring chefs and experienced professionals alike, the lab marks a new frontier in culinary exploration and experimentation.