A piece of apple strudel sits next to whipped cream on a white plate

How to Make Traditional Apple Strudel

In fact, it’s one of the reasons he enrolled in pastry school in the first place. “Fridays in Switzerland were ‘Strudel Day,’ so I made strudel by myself all day,” he says of his time working at the

buchteln buns with sugar on top

Chef Jürgen's Buchteln (From His Mother's Cookbook)

Food does more than just sustain us. It connects us with the people we make it and share it with. We asked ICE chef-instructors for their favorite memories with their moms from time spent in the

dyed eggs pictured with the natural dyeing ingredients

Chef Jürgen's Natural Dye Eggs-periment

Easter is upon us, along with a bounty of egg-related traditions. Among them: egg decorating. Chef Jürgen David, ICE's Director of Pastry Research and Development, investigated how to take a natural

chef piping a frosting rose

Chef Sohrob's Piping Bag Hacks

Piping is an essential skill in any pastry chef's toolkit, and switching between several tips and fillings can be time-consuming. In his classroom at ICE's Los Angeles campus, Chef Sohrob explains his

Chocolate showpiece

The Techniques Behind Chocolate Showpieces

To successfully create a chocolate showpiece, a pastry chef must master several fundamental techniques. This elaborate and eye-catching confection is assigned to students at the end of the Chocolate

Cocoa bean

Chocolate Trends for 2022

As a longtime working pastry chef, I’m no stranger to thinking at the leading edge of fads and trends emerging both within the industry, and among guests and customers as well. Now that my headspace

Christmas cookie trees

How to Make a Christmas Cookie Centerpiece

Standing a foot tall, this Christmas cookie tree is a show-stopper for sure. To start, you need a great sugar cookie recipe, like the recipe used in Chef Penny's gold covered sugar cookies (gold leaf


Chef Jürgen’s Homemade Halloween Candy Bars

Full stop: candy is delicious, and whether it be bite- or king-sized, Halloween gives us an excuse to load up on all your favorite store-bought treats. But believe it or not, making a rendition of

chef penny's custom chocolate mold

How to Make a Mold

If a bride wants the lace from her veil to be replicated on her wedding cake, or I find a gorgeous trinket at an antique market that would be a perfect adornment for a cake, I have to find ways of

Andrew Reinicke plating desserts

A Veteran Opens His Mind to Vegan Cooking and Baking

The oldest of nine children, Andrew has always associated food with bonding. He remembers that his paternal grandmother, who grew up on a dairy farm in South Dakota and moved to Southern California to

Chef Penny's pro birthday cake

The Ultimate Birthday Cake Techniques

Chef Penny has more than 15 years of professional pastry experience. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education and working at Spice Market, she opened custom cake bakery Sugar Couture

Claudia Fleming

Claudia Fleming's Road Back to Union Square Hospitality Group

Claudia Fleming’s winding food road, from over-the-top pastries in the '80s and '90s to writing her second cookbook in a Long Island cottage, has landed her back where it all began with Union Square

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