Ayurvedic ingredients for a nutritive elixir.

How an Ayurvedic Diet Can Benefit Your Yoga Practice

The word “yoga” translates to union. Yoga is a practice that brings union or balance to the body, primarily through the postures that we are familiar with in yoga classes. Yoga also brings balance to

Food for Thought

What do we need to eat to ensure optimal health? For most of us here in the United States, we’ve been taught several different eating guidelines starting with the first official guide appearing in the

NGI Celebrates 40 Years as Leaders in Health Supportive Culinary Education

The school was transformed into a magical space celebrating the history of the school, the memory of founder Annmarie Colbin, PhD, as well as the accomplishments of the school and our alumni community

Perspectives on Food Fads – Coconut Oil

Last week, the world of healthy eating was rocked by an article claiming that refined coconut oil was no better than the “terrible” saturated fats that it was meant to replace. At Natural Gourmet

The Fifth Taste: Discovering the Savory Benefits of Umami

He gave us the fifth, but yet to be named taste, umami. A century later, umami led to scientific intrigue. Perplexed about the defining flavor of dashi, a traditional broth, Japanese scientist Kikunae

What Can I Compost? The Scraps That Make the Cut

Originally published by GRACE Communications Foundation What Exactly Can You Compost? Food scraps, yard trimmings and paper products are the most common ingredients used to feed compost heaps – but

Damon Gameau at NGI

In Conversation with Damon Gameau, Actor-Director of "That Sugar Film"

How did you decide to make this film? At the time, there was a lot of press coming out about sugar but the camps were very divided. Some people were saying it was poisonous, some were saying it was

Cricket Flour is the New Protein Powder

Eating insects isn’t a new idea. Over 80% of the world eats close to 1,600 species of insects and has been for hundreds of years; only in America and Europe there’s a stigma surrounding insect

Hands chop kale

Best Kale Pun Tweets of #KALEDAY

They got some awesome response, and here are some standouts: My French bud just whispered to me, “KALE surprise, it’s Octobre 1!” @nationalkaleday #ngikalepun #kaleday2014 @naturalgourmet — Anthony

Le Pain Quotidien x Natural Gourmet Institute

Founded in Belgium in 1990 by Alain Coumont, Le Pain Quotidien is a bakery and restaurant that serves simple, wholesome and sustainable food in a relaxed and communal environment. They operate in 200

Jars of watermelon juice by a watermelon slice

Watermelon Juice May Reduce Muscle Soreness

Spanish researchers found that athletes experienced less muscle soreness when they consumed 500 mL (about 2 cups) of watermelon juice before a workout. This reduced muscle soreness has been attributed

Eat One Health-Supportive Meal and Call Me in the Morning

It seems intuitive that something, such as diet, that is easy to change and has such an immense impact on health would be well integrated into the medical system. Unfortunately, it is not. Doctors

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