Chef Adriano Piazza smiles while standing in front of Pronto Cucina Italina

Alumni Spotlight: Adriano Piazza

“My culinary voice is education. I want people to understand food and understand what they eat, because, we are what we eat,” Chef Adriano says. An Institute of Culinary Education Los Angeles Culinary

Chef Shant Halajian smiles inside of his kitchen

Alumni Spotlight: Chef Shant Halajian

“I used to come home from school, first grade or second grade, and for me, my mom’s cooking is the epitome of cooking,” says Chef Shant Halajian, ICE alum and now Executive Chef of The Glenmark Hotel

A group of students smile at the ICE Los Angeles 2023 Commencement ceremony

ICE Los Angeles 2023 Commencement Recap

This new generation of culinary professionals have completed at least one of ICE’s diploma or associate degree programs, including Culinary Arts , Pastry & Baking Arts , Plant-Based Culinary Arts and

ICE students throw their toques in the air at ICE's 2023 commencement ceremony

ICE New York 2023 Commencement Recap

ICE also celebrates growth, with 67% more graduates this year than just five years ago in 2019. The newest generation to enter the hospitality industry has completed at least one of ICE’s diploma or

Bread pudding in a cast-iron pan

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

In our latest partner video with Zwilling , Chef Kierin demonstrates the difference between stirred versus baked custards by way of dark chocolate bread pudding topped with a salted caramel crème

A chef in a white coat cooks on a stove with a stainless steel pan with sloped sides

The Difference Between Sloped and Straight-Sided Pans

Do you know that sloped versus straight-sided pans offer two completely different styles of cooking? A sloped pan, or sauteuse, is optimal for sautéing as the pan allows heat to escape quickly and

Chef Olivia's plant-based marinated tofu dish sits in a red Staub brand pan

How to Amplify the Flavor of Plants

“What’s really nice about plants is that they are pretty much a blank canvas for you to work with,” Chef Olivia says. “So from a chef’s perspective, it’s very fun.” Chef Olivia’s blank slate includes

Chef Chris Arturo uses a knife to cut a turnip

Sharpen Your Basic Knife Skills

“Knife skills have a lot to do with your end result,” says Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor, Chris Arturo . Over the course of five lessons, Chef Chris breaks down the basics (while literally breaking


Congratulations to ICE's Class of 2022: Graduation Recap

“To see our students live at graduation, after two years of COVID-19 and many other stressful events, was both uplifting and touching,” says Lead Chef of Health-Supportive Culinary Arts , Elliott Prag


How to Saber a Champagne Bottle This New Year’s

Sabrage, or the act of sabering a Champagne bottle, is quite the party trick, and ICE students at our Los Angeles campus were lucky enough to learn the proper technique by Chef Lachlan. Enroll in the

Croque Monsieur Baked Potato

A Croque Monsieur-Inspired Baked Potato

Chef Frank demonstrates how to prepare a flavorful baked potato with crispy skin (and a bed of cheese). He uses a German butterball potato for dryness, fluffiness and a little bit of waxiness

a wheel of various flours

Types of Flour


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