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The Hydroponic Garden

(New York Campus)

Cultivating Innovation at ICE

Today’s culinary industry demands fresh, locally sourced ingredients — farm-to-table cuisine has become the standard. At ICE, we’re making “farm-to-classroom” cuisine the standard for culinary education. ICE’s indoor hydroponic garden has grown over 250 crop varieties to date, producing rare flavors from around the world in a state-of-the-art, controlled environment. ICE students explore the hydroponic garden alongside the farm manager and their chef instructors. They taste the garden’s herbs and produce, and experience the robust flavor of freshly picked ingredients. This both expands students’ palates and inspires their culinary creativity. ICE students cook with these same herbs and produce on a regular basis. By having access to the latest urban agriculture trends — vertical farming and hydroponic farming systems —students become equipped for careers outside the kitchen as well, in areas like sustainability and agriculture.

In addition to students and chef instructors, ICE’s hydroponic garden has drawn visits from industry leaders such as Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Bryce Shuman, Shane Hergatt, Gabriel Kreuther and Wylie Dufresne — chefs with refined palates who can taste and instantly envision how to use the garden’s herbs. The garden has even begun supplying herbs and produce to a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. 

What is a “Hydroponic Garden?

ICE’s hydroponic garden is at the forefront of urban agriculture. Utilizing LED light technology and a hydroponic irrigation system, the ICE hydroponic garden is a unique, custom-designed, climate-controlled indoor learning space with 8 different kinds of hydroponic and lighting systems. Over 50 different crop varieties are grown at any one time, including rare and unusual herbs and greens, tomatoes, eggplants and strawberries.

Learn hydroponic farming and urban agriculture at ICE

New classes in hydroponic farming for all levels are now open to the general public — including Intro to Hydroponic Farming, Commercial Urban Farming, Plant Care & Harvesting, Microgreen Production and more! Click here to view the full list of classes.


Check out how you can freshen up local casual fast foods with ICE hydroponic farm herbs. The ICE hydroponic herb specialist shares the best herbs for staying healthy come bad weather or grueling work schedule. Watch how visitors to the hydroponic farm react to their first taste of the toothache plant. Heard of microgreens but still unsure of what they are? Check out the blog post explaining just what are these tiny, powerful herbs


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