A student plates a dish in an advanced culinary studies class at ICE

Advanced Culinary Studies

Skills to Advance Your Culinary Career

Custard-egg-hydrocolloid_375x375.jpgThe Advanced Culinary Center is aimed at professional development for the modern chef.

ICE offers continuing education courses for chefs looking to grow their skills, knowledge and experience within diverse culinary arts disciplines, offering a variety of courses taught by acclaimed chefs and artisans at the forefront of their respective fields. In Advanced Culinary Center classes, you will develop new skills, learn innovative techniques and work with world-renowned culinary artists in ICE’s state-of-the-art facilities, all designed to help working professionals excel.

Designed for industry professionals, these single and multi-day continuing education workshops are hands-on and taught by award winning and acclaimed chefs and artisans from all over the world. Not only will you be learning from master chefs, but all ACC classes are American Culinary Federation certified for continuing education hours.

Because of the hands-on nature of the workshops, these classes have a limited enrollment and fill quickly. 

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Call (800) 522- 4610 to learn more. Students and alumni should register with customer service at 212-847-0770 or email NYcredits@ice.eduICE alumni receive 15% off!

Please note: ICE's dress code requires all students to wear black or checkered pants, a chef's coat and black closed-toe shoes. There are no exceptions. Students who come to class without a chef's coat will be required to purchase one from the Customer Service Department.

Next Level Culinary Skills

A plated dish of tourneed vegetables with chives

Four-Star American Cuisine Series

David Waltuck is a renowned chef, cookbook author and consultant, with over forty years of experience in the culinary field. His restaurant, Chanterelle, was at the forefront of the movement to create a distinctly American style of cuisine and service, and it endured as an iconic New York restaurant for thirty years. In this series, Chef David shares his culinary knowledge and insight with a focus on areas of particular interest and expertise including his personal takes on wild mushroom, seafood and offal cookery.

An ICE Chef instructor checks tandoori roasted meat on skewers

Culinary Technology Lab

In ICE’s Culinary Technology Lab, students have the chance to explore the global history of the culinary craft. From our tandoor oven to our plancha, hearth oven and vertical rotisserie, the lab’s state-of-the-art Wood Stone equipment serves up a wealth of fresh, flavorful opportunities. The lab also boasts equipment for the leading modernist techniques, from sous vide technology to rotary vacuum evaporators, ultrasonic homogenizers and more.

Ingredients vacuum sealed and ready for sous vide

Classes in Modernist Cuisine

At ICE, students have the opportunity to explore the latest culinary techniques using state-of-the-art culinary technology, coaxing essential flavors out of ordinary and exotic ingredients using sous vide cooking, whipping canisters and a variety of modern techniques. Students learn under the guidance of modernist cuisine experts, including ICE’s Director of Culinary Research, James Briscione. Having continued his own professional development alongside European masters of sous vide cooking in Venice, Italy, Chef James is a firm believer that a vital part of culinary education and professional success is to never stop learning. 

French cheeses to be studied in professional cheese studies.

Professional Cheese Studies

Over the past 20 years, the American public’s appetite for cheese has evolved to an unprecedented level of connoisseurship. Cheese programs have emerged at many fine dining establishments, regional specialties such as cheese curds, pimento cheese and specialty cheddars have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, and the state of artisanal cheesemaking has begun to rival the traditions long cultivated by our European counterparts. 

Upcoming Advanced Culinary Classes

Fresh ginger slices cut up for asian fusion cuisine

Fusion, Not Confusion: Asian Ingredients in a French Kitchen

  • David Waltuck
  • Monday, October 1, 6-10pm
  • $60 students/alumni • $125 general public
  • Level 3

Though David Waltuck’s cooking is firmly grounded in the French classics, he has always had a deep interest in Asian cuisine, especially Chinese. Over the years, he has incorporated Asian ingredients and flavors in his cooking. Chef David will show you how to meld these cuisines while understanding and respecting their histories and traditions.

An elegant chicken pot pie, photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem via Unsplash

An Elegant Feast

  • David Waltuck
  • Tuesday, October 16, 6-10pm
  • $60 for students/alumni • $135 general public
  • Level 3

David Waltuck, who founded and was executive chef of the trailblazing Tribeca mainstay Chanterelle for three decades, presents remarkable entrees in a gorgeous setting. These faithful recreations of some of his classic meals will be elegantly presented on platters, then carved and served tableside. Your feast includes: Beef Roast for Two (with red wine shallot sauce, roasted fingerlings, and creamed spinach); Braised Whole Sole for Two (filled with vegetables and served in a garlic herb cream); and Chicken Potpie (with wild mushrooms and baby vegetables).

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