Demos & Lectures

Beyond the Kitchen and Classroom

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Our demonstrations and lectures are led by experts in the culinary and hospitality fields, and offer ICE students the chance to learn from and engage with the best in the game.

Students and guests can watch a live demonstration of nose-to-tail cooking, or listen to a panel of hospitality pros and then pose questions to them directly. These presentations feature the latest culinary techniques, specialty food producers and pressing industry issues. What better way to complement our comprehensive career program curricula?


Industry Guests at ICE

Curtis Stone speaks at ICE.

Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs

Meet The Culinary Entrepreneurs is an exclusive lecture series featuring some of America's top food business experts. Held throughout the year at ICE, these sessions introduce students and the public to the world’s leading restaurateurs, specialty food retailers, caterers and other culinary business proprietors, who have established highly regarded national and international brands. The ongoing series was designed to complement ICE’s Restaurant & Culinary Management program, which trains students with career goals of owning or operating a restaurant or other food business.

Zen Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan demonstrated temple cuisine at ICE.

Special Guests

Chefs and industry experts visit our campus to demonstrate specialty techniques, host guided tastings or participate on panels for students. These special guests have covered everything from California olive oil and produce to tea tastings, pasta and pizza demos, and career advice on food photography, cookbook writing, partnering with purveyors, leadership and more.