Chef Nin's green curry falafel dishes sit on a white plate

A Thai Twist on Falafel

Honey is the star of Plant-Based Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor Chayanin (Nin) Pornsriniyom's recipe for Green Curry Falafel with Lemongrass Honey. The honey Chef Nin uses is not just any honey — it's

Two scallion pancake-wrapped enchiladas sit on a green sauce on a white plate

ICE Students Create Flavor-Packed Plant-Based Meal

As a new member of the ICE staff, I was invited to attend the fine-dining four-course meal put on by our Plant-Based Culinary Arts students in their final in-class module of the curriculum. Every

A student in ICE's Plant-Based Culinary Arts program opens a laptop at home

ICE’S Plant-Based Culinary Arts Continues to Grow

Whole, fresh, seasonal, traditional, balanced, local and delicious. These are the founding principles of ICE’s Plant-Based Culinary Arts program. This program has evolved and grown from its roots when

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