French chef Palladin on phone in kitchen

Chefs You Should Know

Emily’s served as a creative incubator for the cooks who worked there. In our downtime, we swapped the latest books and magazines, mining them for techniques and flavors to infuse into the menus we

Stéphane Tréand sculpting chocolate and sugar

Learn to Build Breathtaking Sugar Showpieces

Tréand believes that anyone can create their own work of art if they put in the time. “Sugar work is not only for chefs, says Tréand. “It's for everybody. Hopefully I can fill up the class with

Artisanal Bread made by Chef Sim Cass

Bread That’s Worth the Wait

A patient mindset is just one thing students will learn during Chef Sim’s 200-hour Techniques of Artisan Bread Baking course at ICE. As the founding baker of Balthazar Bakery, London-born Chef Sim

Carved cake of a ballerina pig

Learn Whimsical Cake Carving with a Celebrated Cake Artist at ICE

ICE is excited to welcome back Karen Portaleo to teach the upcoming CAPS course Carved Cake: Ballerina Pig on June 2. Karen is a celebrated cake and chocolate artist who creates fantastical cakes at

coffee ice cream

Why I Tell Pastry Students 'Imagine Yourself as a Tiny Milk Fat Particle'

As a pastry chef, one might say that I’m already hard-wired to think a bit deeper about the composition and function of ingredients. I like to say that the primary difference between a pastry chef and

fresh french bread baked by chef michael laiskonis

Putting in Solo Time: How Chef Michael Laiskonis Refines His Craft Alone in the Kitchen

My cooking career began at a tiny bakery in the outlying suburbs of Detroit almost 25 years ago. What started as “just a job” quickly became a compulsion: in cooking I found the satisfaction of manual

braided apple danish

Mastering Danish Dough

For her first blog post, she takes us through a daunting pastry lesson: Danish dough. Tackling Danish dough was one of the most challenging things I’ve had to take on in culinary school so far. When I

Pastry Arts alumni from institute of culinary education

8 Career Paths For Pastry Arts Grads

Here’s a snapshot of the many possibilities of what you can do with professional pastry training from ICE: Boost your kitchen confidence and enhance your resume as a food writer or editor like Lauren

hazelnut chocolate

Making Every Move Count: Cooking With Economy

Describing the kitchen as tiny would be an understatement — there was barely enough room for three cooks. The chef and owner, Rick Halberg, became my first important mentor. While I learned a lot from

toba garrett teaching pastry arts students in culinary school

4 Things this Non-Baker Learned During the Pastry Module

As many of my culinary-minded classmates could also tell you, baking and cooking are different beasts that require vastly different skills to master. Whereas cooking allows you to throw in a little of

Pastry Student Pablo Moreno

Flying the Coop: Pastry Student Pablo Moreno Finds Fresh Perspective at ICE

We sat down with Pablo to get the answer to this question, and to chat about topics like the most useful thing he’s learned at ICE, his advice for prospective culinary students and whether he’s a fan

milk chocolate praline in an architecture inspired pastry

Borrowing Lessons from Architecture in the Pastry Kitchen

I think a lot about architecture and design. It's a closet interest of mine, though I must admit that my passion is limited to: I don't know much about architecture, but I know what I like. One of the

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