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In less than a year, ICE’s Hospitality & Hotel Management diploma program will show you – both inside and outside of the classroom – how to get on the fast track to success in the world of hotels, tourism and hotel restaurant management.

Diploma Program

A Career with Global Potential

The travel, hotel and tourism sector is booming and offers you a career path that literally spans the globe. Hospitality and tourism management jobs can be found in hotels, resorts, spas, cruise ships, conference and event centers, tourist attractions and country clubs. And these opportunities aren’t just in the U.S. — if you want to see the world, training for a career in tourism or hotel management may be the perfect opportunity for you to travel or work abroad.

Additionally, hospitality is a field in which great talent is rewarded — and promoted. With solid skills and education to support your career, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to challenge your skill set as you climb the professional ladder. Finally, for those interested in working with a diverse group of colleagues, few fields offer the wide range of ages and nationalities that you’ll find in hotels and tourism management.

Quick Facts

Open House: October 23 at 10:30 a.m.

Program Duration: 8 or 12 months

Class Times: morning, afternoon, evening 

Tuition, Fees & Charges: $13,990-$15,990

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If You Can Make It Here...

A busy and vibrant destination for hotels, hospitality and tourism, New York City is a prime training ground. ​Over the past decade, New York City’s hotel sector has seen substantial growth. Tourists and business travelers are generating demand for everything from high-end boutique hotels to high-volume budget chains throughout the metropolitan area. That means more job and career growth opportunities for our graduates.

An ICE hospitality student shares a presentation with the class at the Institute of Culinary Education

Real World Education

Our curriculum blends in-class course work, role-playing, guest lectures by industry experts and field trips, using NYC as your classroom. ICE’s hospitality classes cover topics in sales and marketing, hotel management, restaurant management, human resources and more. The accounting and finance unit teaches practical skills like menu pricing and managing payroll, while the operations course covers front and back office hotel management responsibilities, including reservations and security. In the food service segment, students learn menu design, restaurant public relations, event management and conference planning. The curriculum culminates with a 200-hour externship at the hotel or hospitality enterprise of your choosing.

An ICE hospitality student receives an award at graduation

Student Diversity Enriches Your Experience

ICE students’ diverse goals and past experiences make enrich classes. A typical class might comprise career changers, recent high school and college graduates, or international students — all of whom share a passion for service. Our Hospitality & Hotel Management diploma program has included students who have left longer, more expensive programs at two- to four-year schools or colleges and chose ICE for a faster, more economical path toward their professional goals. Explore careers outside the kitchen.

A hotel bell on the front desk of a hotel lobby

Put Your Ideas and Skills Into Action

There is no better way to learn than to apply your skills and classroom instruction in the real world. At the end of the program, students embark on a 200-hour hospitality externship at a hotel, resort or other related business. An ICE externship often turns into a full-time job offer and always includes networking that can shape the rest of your career. With this hands-on experience and addition to your resume, you’ll already have a leg up on students from other hotel and tourism management programs.

Hospitality & Hotel Management Schedule & Tuition

Lecture%20Opera%20POS-006-72dpi_375x375.jpgTo provide flexibility, we offer various schedule options for our Hospitality & Hotel Management diploma, including morning, afternoon and evening schedules. Choose from schedules that meet three or four times a week. 

  • Hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri., 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Cost: $15,990
  • Starts: Sept. 28
  • Hours: Mon.-Fri., 1-5 p.m.
  • Cost: $15,990
  • Starts: Nov. 9
  • Hours: Mon.-Thurs., 6-9 p.m.
  • Cost: $13,990
  • Starts: Aug. 31

Combine business and culinary expertise to accelerate success.

Learn more about ICE's Double Diploma option.

Tuition, Fees and Charges Include:

  • All books
  • Field trips
  • Role playing seminars
  • Guest lectures
  • Opera training
  • 45 hours of electives
  • Application fee 
  • All applicable taxes

Take the Next Step

The admissions process is the start of a lasting relationship with ICE. Your admissions representative will introduce you to the personal experience the school is known for. His or her mission is to understand your career goals, help you select the right program to fit your needs and ensure you find a class schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Why Choose ICE

You know it's in you — the ambition to pursue a rewarding career in hospitality. Attending hospitality school is one of the best ways to begin the journey. ICE is ready to help you find your culinary or hospitality voice.

12 Reasons Why You Should Choose ICE.


International Students

ICE is a hub of multiculturalism. We are proud to have students from over 44 countries, giving our classrooms a unique international character. New York is one of the most diverse and exciting food cities, providing international culinary students with opportunities for vibrant cultural experiences that include access to a vast array of ethnic restaurants, gourmet markets and culinary resources. It’s no wonder that so many international culinary students have chosen ICE as their passport to a rewarding and successful culinary career.

Learn about International Students at ICE. 


Ready to take your interest in ICE further? Speak to an admissions representative about your personal goals, start your application or download our career brochure so you can access our program information anytime.

Admissions Services

Applying to ICE

ICE Career Brochure


ICE's 638-hour Hospitality & Hotel Management diploma program is taught at ICE's lower Manhattan campus, featuring over 74,000 square feet of teaching space. With New York City as a classroom, the program includes field trips to local hotels and hospitality businesses, as well as guest lectures from successful hospitality professionals.

The program consists of 638 hours, divided into 10 courses with 219 lessons (including 150 in evening classes). The 11th course is a 200-hour off-site externship at the location of the student's choice, according to his or her career goals — an opportunity that adds essential experience to the student's resume and often leads to a job after graduation. 

The Hospitality & Hotel Management training program is constructed as follows:


Course 1


40 hours

From marketing and management to food costs and event planning, this first course introduces students to the wide world of hospitality management. Get an overview of the functions and structures within a typical hospitality enterprise.

Course 2


44 hours

One of the most essential components of a successful hospitality enterprise is the people. This course teaches students how to effectively recruit, train, supervise and maintain the staff that will either make or break their property. Learn the skills needed to successfully manage a team-oriented staff through lectures and discussions about computerized human resource information systems, management techniques, union shops and employee discipline.

Course 3


48 hours

A hospitality enterprise’s room division is responsible for meeting guests’ expectations for a clean, safe and secure environment. This course provides students with an understanding of the essential safety policies and procedures associated with OSHA safety regulations, laundry and maintenance operations, and the best practices for effectively managing a secure environment for your guests.

Course 4


44 hours

Like most industries, success in the hospitality management industry depends on ambition, hard work and numbers. Menu pricing, profit and loss statements (P&Ls), and occupancy rates are just a few of the topics covered in this course, which teaches students how to accurately and efficiently associate numbers with both the financial and logistical aspects of hospitality management.

Course 5


44 hours

Restaurants, banquet halls, in-room dining services and lounges are all a part of any top-level hospitality enterprise. They rely on the food and beverage division. This course provides students with an in-depth look at menu design, restaurant public relations, dining room management, alcoholic beverage service and financial management tools.

Course 6


50 hours

Successfully managing a hotel requires an awareness of every transaction and process that takes place from the time a guest checks in to the time they check out. This course provides students with an in-depth look at both front and back office management responsibilities including reservation, security, record keeping and audit procedures.

Course 7


44 hours

Even the most extraordinary property can fail if it is not positioned and marketed properly. From marketing audits and evaluations to consumer targeting and evaluation, this course provides students with an in-depth look at the sales office organization, telemarketing, cross-promotions and sales force management required to optimize a property’s performance and reach a targeted demographic.

Course 8


40 hours

The best hotels typically boast excellent food venues. Being equipped to manage kitchens efficiently and understand food production is a valuable skill that is essential in today’s cost-sensitive environment. The food production course will explore this important department, from inventory and purchasing, storing, menu design and preparation, to plate presentation, planning and operations. Students will examine kitchen operations in a professional environment.

Course 9


44 hours

As the hospitality management industry grows, so too does the size and scale of conferences, conventions and galas. Large-scale events require complex management skills to create themes, organize timelines and coordinate catering and technical resources that include special audio/visual effects and lighting. This course provides students with an in-depth look at event and conference planning through interactive lectures and group discussions.

Course 10


40 hours

The digital age hasn’t left the hospitality management industry behind. An ever increasing number of hotels and resorts rely on key property management systems to control everything from reservations and energy management to security and event catering. This course familiarizes students with the industry-leading Micros OPERA System by training them in the uses and functions of technology within hospitality management.

Course 11


200 hours

At the end of their in-class training, students are assigned an externship to apply the skills they have gained. Students may choose to complete their externship within a broad range of hospitality and tourism venues, such as hotels, events or catering companies.

Smoking-050-72dpi_375x375.jpgFinancing Your Culinary Education

At this point, you’ve already decided that you’re interested in a professional future in food and hospitality. But should you attend culinary school, and can you can really afford it?

The ICE Office of Student Financial Services puts an award-winning culinary education within your reach. Our Financial Aid advisors are available six days a week to help make your dream of attending culinary school at ICE a reality. 

Learn more about ICE's Student Financial Services.


ICE provides various scholarship opportunities to assist students on their journey towards a career in food and hospitality. Whether offered by ICE itself, our food industry partners or a vetted list of outside organizations, these scholarships provide students with additional resources to realize their dreams of attending our career training programs. Please be aware of the varying deadlines and application requirements for each individual scholarship. For additional information about any of the available scholarships, feel free to contact our Office of Student Financial Services directly at (888) 921-CHEF or

View all ICE Scholarship Opportunities.

Pasta-024-72dpi_375x375.jpgFinancial Aid Options

ICE offers financial assistance from both Federal and Private sources. The following is a list of aid available to those students who qualify:

• Federal Pell Grant
• FSEOG Program
• Federal Stafford Loan
• Federal Direct PLUS Loan
• State-Funded Grants and Loans
• Private Student Loans
• Payment Plan
• Tuition Flex

To learn more about financial aid options, feel free to contact our Office of Student Financial Services directly at (888) 921-CHEF or

View all financial aid options. 

Applying for Financial Aid

Please contact us with any Financial Aid or financing questions, problems or suggestions. We will work closely with you in preparing the necessary forms and documents on student grants, loans or scholarships and employment programs.

Learn how to apply for financial aid at ICE.

externship-infographic-12616_375x375.jpgPractice your craft in the most authentic learning environment.

In Europe, aspiring hospitality professionals learn their trade through apprenticeships. ICE's global teaching perspective takes inspiration from this centuries-old tradition, with our hands-on externship program.

What exactly is an “externship”? Similar in concept to an internship, these paid or unpaid placements are chosen at a student's discretion with the assistance of Career Services Advisors. Each externship is designed to fit the interests and career goals of the individual student, and externships consistently prove to be an exceptional opportunity for hands-on training and networking at the heart of the industry. What’s more, many externships lead to job offers and full-time employment.

How does the externship program work? Hospitality & Hotel Management students benefit from in-the-field training with a 200-hour externship at a hotel, spa or related organization.

Proven Results

Our incredible track record.

ICE placed over 500 externs in over 300 establishments in the past few years — and each experience was as unique as our students. Our graduates land exciting positions at fine luxury and hip boutique hotels across the country — and around the world. Getting your “foot in the door” with one of these organizations could be the start of the career you have dreamed of.

See the full list of externship sites.

Choose your path, and make your success.

An ICE externship gives you a chance to customize your education. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of working in a boutique hotel, spa or event planning company, we can gear your search towards the goal of placing you in that particular type of establishment. Hospitality students have found placements at hotels like Le Parker Meridien, The Standard and The Waldorf-Astoria.

Our staff has the connections.

Our faculty and advisors assess your career aspirations, skills and academic record to pair you with sites that align with your goals and background. Each hospitality externship is structured so that your performance is monitored by ICE’s professional staff, and subsequent feedback and evaluations are incorporated into your overall grade.

Most hospitality schools in America and Europe require externships as part of their programs. When you are choosing which school to attend, be sure to ask about externship programs and learn how each program incorporates in-the-field training into your education.

Below is just one example of our alumni externship stories.

Christina Delli Santi is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education at works at the Ace Hotel

Christina Delli Santi 

  • Current position: Director of Front Office, Ace Hotel
  • Externship site: The Breslin (Ace Hotel)

After graduating high school, Christina Delli Santi (Hospitality Management, '15) spent more than a decade as a hair stylist. Though her knack for service helped her to lead a successful career, Christina realized she wanted to transition to the hospitality industry. That's what led her to enroll at ICE. Today, as Director of Front Office at the Ace Hotel, Christina lives her passion on a daily basis — helping people and working in a fast-paced, exciting environment. 

"At first I was in the events department, doing a little bit of everything — working with the kitchen, ordering food and organizing private bookings for parties. It was really cool because it was exactly where I wanted to be, in terms of learning."

Learn how Christina landed a top position in NYC's coolest hotel. 

Proven Results

Hospitality alumni, Christina Delli Santi and Rommel Gopez

From hotel directors and managers to events coordinators and consultants, our alumni hold exciting positions around the globe, and continue to rank among the most noteworthy names in the hospitality industry.

Here’s a taste of the wide range of professional paths available to ICE Hospitality & Hotel Management graduates.

  • Front Desk or Front Office
  • Guest Relations
  • Concierge
  • Management and General Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Sales
  • Conferences and Events
  • Golf and Country Clubs
  • Food and Beverage or Catering
  • Tourism

Learn more about our Hospitality & Hotel Management alumni.

Hospitality: Thriving with Opportunity

The Global Force of Hospitality Management

Hospitality & Hotel Management is the key discipline for the trillion-dollar global hospitality industry, consisting of travel, tourism and hotels. Its practitioners enjoy management jobs found in hotels, resorts, spas, casinos, cruise ships, conference planning and event management, and food, beverage and catering, as well as health, sports, entertainment, and senior and country clubs.

The front desk in a modern hotel lobby

Industry Highlights

• The travel industry added 7,100 jobs in February 2018, according to U.S. Travel Association’s estimates. The travel industry created 17,500 jobs in the first two months of 2018 alone — 50 percent more than the job growth charted in the first two months of 2017. (U.S. Travel Association, 2017)

• New York City had by far the most rapid percentage growth of any region in travel and tourism employment (+25.3%) in 2009-2015. (NYS Department of Labor - New York State Travel and Tourism Sector, June 2017)

• 2017 was the eighth consecutive year for record-breaking tourism, with the city welcoming an estimated 62.8 million visitors last year, an increase of 2.3 million visitors over 2016. (, Press Release, March 20, 2018)

• Travel and tourism activity in 2016 sustained over 383,000 jobs in all sectors of the economy generating nearly $25 billion in wages and salaries for working New Yorkers. (NYC & Company, NYC Travel & Tourism Trend Report, September 2017)

A cruise ship sails through the ocean blue

The Industry for Travelers

Jobs in the hospitality industry are in the United States and everywhere beyond. In 2017, U.S. domestic travel increased 1.9 to a total of nearly 2.25 billion person-trips. This growing travel volume has created the need for qualified, talented people. The hospitality and tourism industry is responding to this increasing demand. 

This super-employer, which is among the largest services industries, provided 8.8 million American jobs directly supported by domestic and international travelers in the United States in 2017. Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $2.8 billion a day, $118.2 million an hour, $2.0 million a minute and $32,800 a second.

An ICE student graduates from the Hospitality & Hotel Management program

Built on Diversity

The hospitality industry demands a multicultural, multigenerational workforce. The industry does not discriminate – it enables. While it sees no age, 19% of workers in the hotel and accommodations industry are younger than 25, starting off in entry-level positions and are on the management track. Women and ethnically diverse groups make up a growing portion of entry-level positions. Career movement within the hospitality industry is as common as it is desired, as larger organizations have career ladder programs and offer managers the opportunity to transfer to other locations all over the world.

ICE alum Rommel Gopez shares why he decided to enroll in ICE's Hospitality management program

"Before I went to ICE, I was already working in the hospitality industry. But I wanted to learn more and have something under my belt to show that I was serious about my profession. I wanted the diploma to go with my work experience."

Rommel Gopez
Hotel & Hospitality Management '14

Technology Taught: Opera PMS

ICE trains hospitality students on using one of the most important industry technologies — Opera PMS, because a hotel's front desk often makes the difference between "never agains" and "long-term relationships." Designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain, OPERA PMS provides all the tools a hotel staff needs for doing their day-to-day jobs, from handling reservations, checking guests in and out and assigning rooms to managing room inventory, accommodating the needs of in-house guests, and handling accounting and billing. The property management software is configurable to each property’s specific requirements and operates in either single-property or multi-property mode, with all properties in an enterprise sharing a single database, making it an invaluable software for our hospitality students to master. 

ICE Hospitality Management Students take a field trip to the Ace Hotel in New York City

Field Trips and Guest Lectures

The Hospitality & Hotel Management program takes full advantage of ICE's locations in New York City. The program includes field trips to some of New York City's finest hotels and invites successful hoteliers and hospitality professionals to give guest lectures on campus.

Field Trips:

  • Ritz-Carlton - 59th St. & Central Park, New York City
  • Double Tree Hotel - Times Square, New York City
  • The Wolcott Hotel - 31st St. & 5th Ave., New York City
  • Hilton - Times Square, New York City

Guest Speakers:

  • Ed Staniszwski, General Manager, Sheraton LaGuardia
  • Mark Lauer, General Manager, New York Hilton
  • Deborah A. Croce, Director of Human Resources, Ritz Carlton
  • Billy Panagiotopolous, Catering Sales Manager at the Palace Hotel
  • Richard Amato, Vice President, Hotel Association of New York City
  • Orlando Machado, Director of Operations, Crown Plaza, Secaucus, NJ
  • Eveline Chen, Housekeeping Manager, Wolcott Hotel
A variety of spices

Endless Electives

Regarded by many as the home of America’s largest menu of hands-on specialty cooking classes, ICE's Recreational division in New York City offers hundreds of cooking, baking, beverage and professional development classes each year. All career students at ICE’s New York campus have access to recreational classes to complement their education. Today, our recreational classes and professional development events are all virtual and promoted weekly in student newsletters.