Tropical cocktail created by mixologists in the Mixology Center at the Institute of Culinary Education

Mixology Center

Training for Creative and Business-Minded Bartenders

From distillers to beer brewers to sommeliers, career paths for beverage professionals have experienced an incredible surge in popularity and prestige.

Among these beverage professionals, none have enjoyed a greater boost in “rock star” status than professional mixologists. Today, these creators of craft cocktails rank among the most celebrated leaders in the culinary community, bringing an incredible breadth of knowledge and skill to bar programs across the world.

When designing ICE’s New York City campus in Brookfield Place, we were committed to bringing both the business of running a bar and craft bar management to life for our career, professional and recreational students. Featuring a mixologist-designed bar, our Mixology Center provides students with the ability to step into the shoes of the industry’s best bartenders.

The bar’s special features include professional quality, stainless steel underbar equipment, as well as high-end glass rinsers and accommodations for certakegs (5-gallon refillable kegs) of cocktails, cider or beer. The ability to create draft cocktails, in particular, places ICE on the cutting edge and distinguishes our facility from other bar training programs.

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Anthony Caporale is the Director of Spirits Education and teaches cocktail classes at ICE

"Our primary goal was to provide students with a realistic environment in which to practice beverage program management and beverage service. We’re very proud to offer this replication of a professional bar, which is something you rarely see outside of dedicated bartending schools."

Anthony Caporale
ICE Director of Spirits Education

An Immersive Learning Experience

Restaurant management students learn to mix cocktails in ICE's professional Mixology Center

Hands-on Training for Students

For Restaurant & Culinary Management students, the mixology center bar provides hands-on training in beverage service. With a classroom ensuite, students can seamlessly transition from discussing beverage management and bar theft to a role-playing format where they experience these concepts firsthand. The course also covers how to cost drinks based on the needs of each establishment and other key elements of a successful bar program.

Guests raise their glasses to toast at a cocktail party at the Institute of Culinary Education

Hosting an Event?

Whether for aspiring hospitality professionals, leading beverage brands or cocktail enthusiasts, the Mixology Center offers endless opportunities for industry events, immersive learning and experimentation. We look forward to sharing this growing sector of the hospitality industry with generations of students to come.

Anthony Caporale mixing a beverage

Classes with Anthony Caporale, Director of Spirits Education

Our resident beverage researcher, spirits expert, bartender, sommelier and mechanical engineer molds aspiring mixologists in a variety of cocktail classes, from Bartending 101 to Professional Mixology. Learn to make, taste and elevate drinks with molecular and culinary mixology; whiskey, bourbon and scotch tasting; or a martini master class. You can even craft liqueurs or vermouth from scratch.

Old fashioned cocktail

Mixology 101

Beverage beginners can start with Introduction to Mixology, Mixology Basics or Classic Cocktails before braving culinary, obscure, herbal and winter mixology lessons. Explore a specialty beverage, such as Introduction to Sake, or cook with spirits in Whiskey for Dinner or Boozy Desserts. Find the starting point that’s perfect for your interests.

cocktail making

Advanced Mixology Courses

Experienced beverage enthusiasts can pursue professional development with master classes, Professional Mixology, Molecular Mixology and Culinary Mixology. Take a scientific approach, learn to serve the perfect martini and mix like a chef with professional guidance.

professional mixology class

Professional Mixology

Our ultimate mixology offering is a six-week course led by Director of Spirits Education Anthony Caporale. Students proceed from techniques and classic cocktails to bar management skills and recipe development. The hands-on course is a fun and informative way to take your passion to a professional level.