Chef Sim Cass is the Dean of Artisan Bread Baking at ICE.

Bread 101 with Chef Sim Cass

Chef Sim shares the No. 1 tool for making bread, how to know the dough is ready and his guidelines for incorporating flour throughout the process. Plus, learn four ways to tell you did everything

Chef Penny's rose conversation heart macarons.

Elevate the Conversation Hearts with Macarons

I considered many different formats for the cheeky sayings, like lollipops, cookies and cakes, but in the end decided to elevate the conversation a bit with hand-painted macarons. I began by making my

Chef Nicolas Botomisy's apple ginger plated dessert.

Meet French Pastry Chef Nicolas Botomisy

A veteran of Valrhona schools in Tokyo and Brooklyn, Nicolas specializes in chocolate. He’ll share his techniques for developing desserts and approach to formulating taste in this two-day plated

A bowl of Barry Callebaut chocolates.

A Chocolate Primer for Aspiring Chefs

Indigenous to Mexico, as well as Central and South America, chocolate is the product of the cocoa or cacao bean, which grows on pod-like fruit from the cocoa tree. Aztecs were the earliest

Peter Gyorgyicsek has won gold medals for his sugar sculptures.

Gold Medal-Winning Sugar Artist to Teach at ICE

Chef Peter has always loved sweets. His parents pushed him to become a pastry chef after primary school as he baked with his mom often. Peter’s pastry teacher, Nemethne Regos Eva, taught him to pull

A celebratory croquembouche is accented with ribbon.

Celebrate New Year’s with a Croquembouche

At the annual ICE Cuisine Course in France, which I have been running for almost 20 years, we have built croquembouches at a pastry shop, La Duchesse Anne, in Saumur. All ICE culinary and pastry

Sugar Couture offers a lemon ginger cake.

Sweet Ways to Taste Ginger this Winter

Technically classified as a spice, ginger belongs to the same family as turmeric and cardamom. The word comes from an old sanskrit one meaning “shaped like a horn,” and the gangly root is

Chef Penny perfects ube custard tarts after a few tries.

Trial and Error with Ube Tarts

This exploit began as I pondered current trends in pastry. As a chef and business owner, it’s important to keep up with what is happening in the pastry world. Some believe the secret to success is

ICE alum Colleen Riley is the chef de cuisine at Valerie Confections.

A Pastry Chef’s Path from New York to LA

What led you to a career in pastry? People in the food world normally reminisce about cooking with their moms, but my mom is not a cook. Everything we ate came out of a box or a can, and when I moved

Pastry & Baking Arts student Joy Cho continues her career change litmus test at ICE's New York campus.

Second Time’s the Charm: Reflecting on My First ICE Practical

What would it look like for 16 nervous pastry students to run around one kitchen frantically making our assigned items? What if luck wasn’t on my side on test day and the end result was less than

ICE Creative Director Michael Laiskonis experiment with PolyScience equipment.

The Transformative Potential of PolyScience Tools

Inside these mobile display cases are a rotary evaporator and ultrasonic homogenizer, both secured through the school’s partnership with PolyScience, a key driver of the accessibility and popularity

Joy Cho studies Pastry & Baking Arts at ICE.

An Unpredictable Path with a Predictive Craft

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a planner. Whether it’s a packing list, a restaurant short list in a new city or simply a weekend full of carefully curated commitments, I’ve always valued

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