Chef Michael's composed cheese course.

How to Approach a Composed Cheese Course

From a creative perspective, a composed cheese plate allows an exciting opportunity to straddle the line that separates sweet from savory. The cheese is the star of the show, of course, but the

Chef Tracy's Five-Spice Carrot Cake

Chef Tracy's Five-Spice Carrot Cake

She advises freshly shred carrots for moisture, weighing out each layer so the cake is level throughout and ultimately letting the frosting harden in a fridge so the cake is easy to slice. Chef Tracy

A pulled sugar flower on a hand-painted cake

How to Use Isomalt for Pulled Sugar Flowers

I can make flowers from fondant, gum paste, modeling chocolate, tempered chocolate, bean paste or cold porcelain. And while few cake decorators touch it, I can pull and blow sugar into stunning

A custom cake by Jeanne Long

Creative Careers Crafting Custom Cakes

In 2014, Nevia Giles (Pastry, '14) left a 13-year career in utility consulting to pursue her passion for Pastry & Baking Arts at ICE. She baked for her friends and family as a hobby and had already

Chef Scotty Blenkarn leads R&D at Milk Bar Lab in Los Angeles.

Behind the Scenes of Milk Bar R&D

Scotty chose ICE for a convenient class start after a bread course elsewhere motivated him to immediately enroll in a career pastry program. He valued the small class size, focused time with

Jersey & Co. Gelato flavors

ICE Alumni Create Fresh Frozen Desserts

While the specific origins of ice cream are unknown, evidence of iced desserts dates back to as early as 500 B.C. in Persia, when ice was flavored with ingredients like rosewater to create a cold

Coffee ice cream

Four Factors for Perfecting Ice Cream

I’m obsessed with ice cream’s inner workings, and a little technical know-how can help us perfect our frozen creations. What follows is a brief primer on key factors to consider with ice cream: how to

Red and blue star-shaped cookies

Natural Ways to Color Food Red and Blue

Here we are at the week of the Fourth of July, and it’s our national colors that we see used all over to decorate beautiful, festive desserts. As we become more and more aware of the choices we make

A slice of Independence Day velvet cake.

Independence Day Velvet Cake

Tania moved to New York from Jakarta, Indonesia, in February and started career classes at the Institute of Culinary Education in March to pursue a path to cake artistry. For her first Independence

Apricots grow at P-R Farms

All About California Apricots

Though representing 1% of the world’s apricot production, the state of California is responsible for growing 85-95% — yes, you read that correctly — of all apricots in the U.S., where 35,000 tons of

Bourbon Salted Caramel Brownies

Chef Elisa's Bourbon Brownie Recipe

Chef Elisa emphasizes ingredient choice, precision and texture to perfect this dessert. She chooses pure, organic butter free of additives, dark brown sugar for an extra rich flavor, and bourbon for

ICE alum Angelica Chavez changed career paths to work in baking.

Third Career Path's the Charm

When Angelica graduated high school, she wanted to pursue the world of beauty. She worked hard to get her cosmetology license but had trouble building up her clientele once she had it. Next, she went

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