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Getting to Know Churros

As a student of cooking, I was immediately intrigued when I came across a listing for an event called “The Masters of Social Gastronomy: Fried Foods” at ICE. A look into the history and science behind

pumpkin whoopie pies

Rule Breaking Baking

The premise of the class is to learn to bake the way we cook – and to think independently about measuring or not measuring! Here are the biggest lessons I learned in this class: Think About

chef michael laiskonis demonstrating the fanning and cracking process in chocolate making

Chocolate: The Daily Grind


ICE awards

ICE Students Medal at US Pastry Competition

This year, a team of three ICE pastry students—Pooja Jhunjhunwala, Marcela Torres and Anne Roche—entered the competition’s Junior Pastry Challenge. Mentored by ICE Chefs Kathryn Gordon and Michael

handmade truffles with mint and basil

Top 10 Chocolatier Awards at ICE

Chef Jenny was recruiting students to support a showcase for North America’s “Top 10 Chocolatiers,” an event hosted by Dessert Professional magazine with a guest list of 250+ industry insiders. As a

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Books for Cooks: 5 Must-Read Pastry Cookbooks

The Last Course by Claudia Fleming This book is no longer in print, despite high demand. As a result, its cost is significantly higher than the original price tag. It’s worth the splurge—or borrowing

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VIDEO: Chocolate in 60 Seconds


venezuela cuyaga cocoa beans after roasting

Ruling the Roast: Chocolate Craftsmanship

There is no specific formula to determine optimum roasting time and temperature across the board: beans of different size, variety and origin require a unique roasting profile to achieve the desired

chocolate bar made by michael laiskonis in the ICE chocolate lab

About a Bean

Of course, individual chocolate makers are presented with numerous opportunities to imprint their personal stamp on the finished product during the chocolate making process, but to create an

white peach caramels

Refining and Redefining Classic Desserts

Even when our interpretations of codified dishes evolve into something truly unique, the greatest reward of recreating the classics is often rediscovering what made them great in the first place

chef james distefano teaching a pastry class in new york

Dessert, Redesigned: Meet Chef James Distefano

As the executive pastry chef for this groundbreaking restaurant, James Distefano spent six years translating the principles of classic pastry into award-winning healthy desserts. Today, as a chef

president brand butter

Beyond Flavor: The Science of Butter

Butter in Batters Cake, muffin and other similar batters get mixed in one of two ways: the creaming method or the all-in-one method. The creaming method calls for beating room temperature butter and

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