Frenchette Pastry Chef Michelle Palazzo

Pastry Chef Michelle Palazzo's Path to Frenchette Bistro and Bakery

“I started pretty young,” Michelle admits. “I begged my mom to send me to cooking camp when I was a kid.” Throughout middle school and high school, her goal was to attend culinary school. At 18 years

coconut oil

Butter Alternatives

What is Butter? Butter is a semi-solid emulsion made up of approximately 82% butter fat, 16% water and 2% milk solids. The percentages of fat and water in butter are unique, especially when it comes

A cake decorated with string work

The History of Royal Icing String Work

The traditional technique is one perfected over a century. It involves delicate piping of royal icing, through a very small piping tip, built up upon itself to reach breathtaking gravity-defying

Cher and Wolfgang Puck at her ICE graduation

From Food TV Fan to Culinary Producer

In 2017, when Cher was laid off by her employer, she was out of a paycheck, and sadly like many people today, she could not find a new job. To fill her time, Cher resorted to baking. “What I used to

Joy Cho's plated dessert

Operating a Pop-Up in NYC from Planning to Execution

When I cold-emailed the owner of a New York City bar back in March asking about a potential pop-up opportunity, I never thought that six months later, I would be operating out of the space a few times

Inae with a salad cake

ICE Alum Inae Tirado's Viral Illusion Cakes

“When I was about 8-years-old, my mom enrolled me in art classes because I had such an interest in drawing things,” Inae recalls. “It was actually easy for me and I enjoyed it very much. I continued

Marzipan cupcakes in a Pastry & Baking Arts class at ICE

Marzipan in My Veins: A History of the Almond Candy

An aromatic putty made from almond paste, confectioners sugar and corn syrup was divided and dyed into different colors. By combining the colorful pastes, shaping them with carving tools, and adding

Salt & Straw ice cream by Jakob Layman

Salt & Straw’s Keys to Making Great Ice Cream

Initially, Tyler developed the early flavors using an ice cream maker he found at Goodwill. Today, he designs the shop’s flavors (20% of which are vegan) in his research and development lab

sourdough misugaru buns

Meet Multigrain Powder Misugaru

There is another Asian ingredient, though, with comparably distinctive and delicious taste, health benefits, and potential for wide application in the food world. Often overlooked, it sits in your

Bread experiment

Testing the Tangzhong Bread Method

Chef Herve integrates his deep knowledge of science into classroom lessons at ICE, and recently he was invited to share that expertise with a UCLA Science & Food undergraduate class on the subject of

Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolate Cake

Chef Penny's Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolate Cake

"The perfect combination of flavors for me is chocolate and peanut butter, and then I add a little bit of strawberry and strawberry jam to make it more like a peanut butter and jelly cake," Chef Penny

Michael Laiskonis' Origin dish

Michael Laiskonis’ Journey Back to Chocolate’s Origin

I certainly sought out quality, flavor and functionality in the chocolate I chose to work with, but beyond that, I would have to admit I gave little further thought to where it came from, how it was

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