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Matt Leung at The French Laundry

Inside The French Laundry Kitchen

First, what was your experience at ICE like? My experience at ICE was great. I expected to receive at least two benefits from an education at ICE: first, teaching that would prepare me to be a

Chef Sim Cass tosses pizza dough.

Chef Sim's Pro Pizza Dough

Chef Sim has been a baker since 1973. He's working with a three-year-old starter and recommends a three-day dough for "a soft, airy interior with a nice crusty shell on it and a lot of flavor." First

Austin's Rosedale Kitchen and Bar serves mushrooms grown in Texas.

Make the Most of Summer Mushrooms

Low in calories and fat and high in savory umami flavor, mushrooms have been dubbed nutritional powerhouses, packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Better yet, the funghi are versatile — dozens of

Waffles dusted with powdered sugar

Sara Tane Makes Breakfast, Salads and Sandwiches in Mod 2

Now that I have the good news out of the way, let’s get to it. The practical exam for this second module was pretty straightforward. We had to prepare a medium rare New York strip steak with a red

Barry Tonkinson is the director of culinary research and development at ICE.

Chef Barry on Finding Your Culinary Voice

Food unites us all – its vast reach can mean so many things to so many people. It can signify life, nourishment, health, taste, aroma, art, travel. A meal can be a warm embrace to welcome an

A station in the Marley Spoon test kitchen is shown.

The Test Kitchen Evolution

In 2015, the LA Times asked the important question, “Is recipe testing a vanishing art?” Four years ago that may have been the case. At the time, the internet was newly and noticeably saturated with

Arame and other common sea vegetables.

How to Use Seaweed in Your Cooking (Not Just for Sushi)

“We tend to associate sea vegetables with Asian foodways, but nearly every coastal community consumes them,” she says. “In the U.S., the most popular is probably the most neutral tasting. There’s no

Spices are organized in bowls.

Five Guidelines for Sourcing and Storing Spices

Take a deep breath. There’s actually a very simple guide to buying and utilizing spices. The key is to know what you’re working with. Spices are dried parts of plants and are great for your health

sole meuniere

The Complexity of Simple Cooking

The best way to describe this style of cooking is an effort to deconstruct classic and modern French cuisine, utilizing the principles of Spanish regional cuisine along with techniques and ingredients

Chef Charcutier Arthur Dehaine

Chef Charcutier Arthur Dehaine Reimagines Tradition

I am here to spend the day working with one such master of trade, Arthur Dehaine, the chef charcutier for the restaurant group. Chef Arthur oversees the entire charcuterie department, from design to

Edible flowers in the hydroponic farm at the Institute of Culinary Education.

How to Serve Four Edible Flowers and Herbs

When I started at ICE, one of my first tasks was to help create curriculum that provides students with more opportunities to interact with the farm. Now they are planting, harvesting and learning more

Sarah Copeland is a cookbook author.

Five Spring Cookbooks by ICE Alumni

Here are five alumni’s cookbooks that we’re excited to cook and learn from this spring. “Piatti: Plates and Platters for Sharing, Inspired by Italy” by Stacy Adimando Saveur executive editor and James

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