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The Institute of Culinary Education Announces This Year’s #CulinaryVoice Scholarship Winners on "The Chew"

Hundreds entered. Thousands voted. Then the finalists competed at the Institute of Culinary Education in front of the entire nation on ABC’s "The Chew" for a chance to win this year’s #CulinaryVoice

Why a Career in Public Health Inspired Me to Go to Culinary School

Why a Career in Public Health Inspired Me to Go to Culinary School

Like most culinary students, my love for food and cooking began at an early age. I have fond memories of plucking sugar snap peas from my father’s garden and preparing a family meal at the ripe age of

Chicken & Mushroom Burger with Strawberry Ketchup (c) Andrew Purcell

This Cookbook Has Flavor Pairings Down to a Science

Chefs who have gotten their hands on this groundbreaking ingredient-pairing guide are singing its praises. Said acclaimed chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud, “This comprehensive book is a great tool

IACP attendee holding up swag bag from the event

ICE Welcomes the 40th Anniversary IACP Conference

The list of ICE graduates included in this year’s conference include: Gail Simmons — Author, Top Chef judge Stacey Rivera— Digital content director, Meredith Stacy Adimando — Executive editor, Saveur

finished individually sized pies cooling on sheet pans

Why 'Simple French Food' is a Must-Read for Chefs

Like many young, aspiring chefs of the time, I was inspired by La Pyramide, the mythic three-Michelin-star restaurant in Vienne, France, and of its formidable chef Fernand Point, who mentored a whole

ingredients to make homemade gin without a still

The Best Kitchen Gadget for DIY Gin

This latest addition may look more suited to a research lab than a kitchen, but its ability to help ICE chefs and students innovate with food (and flavor experimentation) is exactly why it belongs

view of table with plates of pears grapes basil coconut and seeds

Health On the Line

Without healthy habits in place, my body began to break down. After three years as a line cook, I realized I had taken all I possibly could from the position — and it had taken a lot from me. It was

Culinary students in New York City preparing a dish

My First Foray Into the Kitchen of a World-Renowned Chef

The excitement was palpable as five other culinary students and I waited for our assignments in the kitchen. Most of us had already volunteered at an ICE event, but we knew the stakes were higher with

Chef Kelly Newsome at Institute of Culinary Education

Four Tips for Finding Your Career Direction

As tantalizing as these possibilities seem, the reality is equally foreboding — I need to choose one thing, right now, and this decision could determine the direction of my culinary career, forever

chef demonstrating their knife skills cutting celery in new york

Rethinking Your Lunch Box: The Key to Happiness

This doesn’t come naturally to many of us, especially in the age of Seamless and Ritual. Don’t get me wrong: I love skipping the line at Go! Go! Curry as much as the next person. But reserving my

all clad pan on range making sauce

This Chef Defies the Myth that Modern French Cuisine Is Dead

Chef Alléno’s work makes an important contribution to modern French cooking. I recently came upon two of Chef Alléno’s books: the encyclopedic Ma Cuisine Française, and his smaller, ground-breaking

tomato growing in hydroponic garden at institute of culinary education

Why Hydroponic Farming Belongs in the Classroom

Providing nutritious food is important to me; not just for me personally, but also with respect to a program I work with called Wellness in the Schools, an organization dedicated to exposing school

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