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hydroponic herbs are added to a rice dish from northern tiger

Freshen Up: FiDi Fast Food Finds with Hydroponic Farm Herbs

We work all day in a hydroponic garden, so we’re surrounded by beautiful, fresh, rare produce. We’re also lazy and hungry — half the time we end up eating at Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place, ICE's

Ethan Fixell teaches a mixology course

Pick Your Poison (and a Bar Concept to Go With)

I drink a lot. As a beverage writer and educator, I like to think of myself as fairly knowledgeable when it comes to cocktails. And yet, after recently sitting in on ICE's "Cocktail Recipe Development

chef demonstrating different kitchen gadgets such as a sous vide

Five Essential Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life (Modern Cuisine Edition)

Though stores and online catalogs are filled with hundreds of “must-have” kitchen gadgets, only some of them are actually worth it — others not so much. To help you cut through the clutter and find

borage flowers, an examlpe of winter herbs from ICE's hydroponic garden

Winter Herbs for Kitchen Survival

Herb Your Way to Healthy During the Holidays During my time as a cook, I had to show up to work no matter what. When the restaurant needed me, I had to be there — there was no concept of sick days

recreational courses give you tips that help you understand wine

5 Surprising Takeaways From My Wine Course at ICE

While we swirled, sniffed, sipped, and nibbled, I gleaned some grape wisdom — about wine varieties and my own tastes. In the spirit of holiday giving, here are five surprising takeaways from my wine

wine tasting during a recreational wine class with professional sommelier

Sip Like a Sommelier this Holiday Season

The recommended wine for Thanksgiving turkey seems to always be Beaujolais, a wine region in eastern France. Like liquid cranberry sauce, wines from Beaujolais exhibit tart strawberry and other fruity

the toothache plant

The Electric Toothache Buzz Button Test

The red-and-yellow buttons of the toothache plant (which are actually collections of dozens of miniscule flowers) poke out of lush, dark-green foliage. They are part of a cluster, arranged on a stem

chef mario sandoval

Suckling Pig Master Class Led by Chef Mario Sandoval

Chef Mario Sandoval, chef of Coque on the outskirts of Madrid, has led his restaurant in an avant-garde direction, introducing progressive tasting menus where the guests move from the wine cellar to

FeedFeed founder Julie Resnick at home in her kitchen

How Feedfeed Founder Julie Resnick (Organically) Grew an Instagram Mega-Brand

Luckily, the barrier to entry was easy — simply tag #feedfeed in your Instagram photos. Feedfeed seemed to fill a void in the food media realm. It was a call to action for home cooks and food

cover of the book generation chef

‘Generation Chef’: Stirring up a Chef’s Nostalgia

The author dedicates a small portion of the book to my experience with élan, the second restaurant of which I was owner and chef. Reading this book was in many ways an emotional experience for me. Not

adreinne cheatham is an ICE culinary arts alum

Honing Her Style: ICE Alum Adrienne Cheatham

Adrienne balances her time in the kitchen with an activity that calls upon a completely different skill and mindset: dance. While scoping out locales for a potential forthcoming project, Adrienne took

variety of microgreens grown in hydroponic garden at ICE

Tiny, Delicate, Flavorful: Microgreens

Where did they come from? What are they? Are they grown using smaller seeds? Are they grown in tiny pots? Are they harvested by children? If I’m paying $38 for a main course, why is everything on the

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