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Chef Michael Trinidad in his Filipino restaurant in New York City

This Chef Introduced NYC to 'Punch-in-the-Mouth' Flavorful Filipino Cuisine

That’s where he first met Filipino-American Nicole Ponseca, the restaurant’s general manager who was looking to open an eatery that served the foods she grew up eating, like kare kare (oxtail stew)

Chef Bill Telepan speaking about his new role of Director of Sustainability

This Michelin-Starred Chef is Going Back to Culinary School

With so many achievements, why is this chef going back to culinary school? Because he’s stepping into a brand new role as ICE’s new Director of Sustainability, a role in which he’ll help develop a

Fish fabrication in culinary school

Four Things I Learned About Fish Fabrication

Each section of protein has its own terms and these terms can vary, based on what animal you're fabricating. Having to cut open an animal, touch the cold, gooey flesh and separating the different

Chef James Briscione preparing grilled ribs

How to Make the Best Grilled Ribs. Period.

But before your ribs hit the oven, they need a little bit of prep. First, remove the membrane from the bone side of the ribs. This tough sheet of connective tissue can not only leave your ribs chewy

chef robert ramsey is a culinary arts instructor in new york

One Chef Explains Why Finding Your Path Requires a Few Wrong Turns

Why has this seemingly mundane moment stuck like glue to my otherwise mediocre memory? Because it was truly pivotal in my culinary career. Up to this point, I was cooking because I was having fun, but

English Pea soup using herbs grown in hydroponic garden

Fresh Herbs from ICE’s Hydroponic Garden

Tell me about your agreement with L’Appart. Farm.One is working with L'Appart to plant and help maintain a new outdoor aromatic herb garden on their terrace at Brookfield Place. It's an intimate area

Francesca Kolowrat is a champion horse jumper and professional cook

How a Champion Horse Jumper Landed at ICE

“I didn’t want to look back on my life and think that the world offered so many opportunities and I didn’t take them,” she said, speaking with a level of maturity and decisiveness that makes you

watercress stems with mustard seeds at DOM restaurant in south america

Chef James Briscione Visited One of the Best Restaurants in South America

If you’re a fan of the Netflix series Chef’s Table, (if you’re reading this blog, I assume you must be) then you already know about restaurant D.O.M. You also know its chef Alex Atala — the bearded

naan bread and tandoori cooking

Learn How to Use a Tandoor Like a Pro

Then what is it that makes naan so distinct and delicious? Certainly, the chutneys, condiments, relishes and a good slathering of ghee (clarified butter) add to the appeal, but many would argue that

Plated fish dish showcasing french cuisine

Lessons Learned: This Chef's Experience With (Seemingly) Simple French Cuisine

Like many young, aspiring chefs of the time, I was inspired by La Pyramide, the mythic three-Michelin-star restaurant in Vienne, France, and of its formidable chef Fernand Point, who mentored a whole

food waste after a fish fabrication course in culinary school

Food (Waste) for Thought: How the Industry is Tackling Food Waste

The United Nations Environment Programme “waste facts” include: In the United States, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, equating to more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. Nationally

Chefs and instructors from the Institute of Culinary Education

We Asked ICE's Instructors: What's Your Culinary Voice?

Here's a look at their answers. (Top to bottom, left to right) Tom Kombiz-Voss, Dean of Hospitality Management: "Inspiring and training each student to reach his or her highest potential in the

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