ICE's Ultimate Guide to Culinary Scholarships

We’re here to help you figure out your finances.

So you've decided you're ready to pursue a future in food and hospitality — now what?

For some applicants, the dream of attending ICE seems impossible due to an inability to obtain financing. But, with the help of ICE's Office of Student Financial Services, that dream may be able to become a reality.

Thanks to a number scholarships available to many potential students, an award-winning culinary or hospitality education is within your reach.

This includes The ICE Cares Scholarship, which is a need-based scholarship created to enable these applicants to enroll in Career Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts or Health-Supportive Culinary Arts Programs with a grant of $25,000. Up to 20 scholarships will be awarded each year to academically qualified applicants who have completed the financial aid process but were unable to secure sufficient funds.

There is no deadline for this scholarship opportunity – awards are announced monthly. The scholarship will be in the form of a tuition credit applied to the student's Balance Due upon enrollment in the Career Culinary Arts, Career Pastry & Baking Arts or Career Health-Supportive Culinary Arts Program.

ICE is also proud to offer a memorial scholarship in honor of Kevin Nurse, a Culinary Arts graduate who passed away in 2010. The scholarship is intended for a student who has overcome a medical hardship afflicting themself, or who has a family member with a medical hardship. The applicant must demonstrate a passion for education in the foodservice or hospitality industries to be eligible for the scholarship. Additional consideration will be given to candidates who have given back to the community and helped generate awareness of the affliction.

We also offer scholarships with some from our food industry partners and vetted list of outside organizations like the International Foodservice Editorial Council and the Clark E. DeHaven Scholarship Trust. 

The Aarón Sánchez Scholarship Fund (ASSF) empowers aspiring chefs by awarding successful applicants with full culinary scholarships to ICE, along with ongoing mentorships. Each scholar receives a full scholarship to ICE’s New York campus (including 11 months of room and board), all school supplies, a monthly unlimited metro card, local mentorships during the program and culinary industry experience. 


ICE also offers a scholarship through the James Beard Foundation, whose mission is to foster the appreciation and development of gastronomy by preserving culinary heritage and recognizing and promoting excellence in all aspects of the culinary arts. To qualify for this scholarship, prospective students must be between the ages of 19 and 35 and meet ICE’s admission requirements. 

Founded in 1990, Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) has worked to enhance the culinary arts curriculum in public schools as well as better prepare underserved students for college and career opportunities in the culinary and hospitality industries. Each year, ICE partners with C-CAP to offer two scholarships:

  • One tuition credit for the Hospitality Management Program
  • One tuition credit towards Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts or Health-Supportive Culinary Arts.

To be eligible for this scholarship students must apply and be selected to compete in the C-CAP Cooking Competition, a three-tier cooking competition where high school students compete for post-secondary culinary and hospitality school scholarships.

Those are just a sampling of the many scholarships ICE offers prospective students. With all of the possibilities, there's never been a better time to figure out how to finance your career training at ICE.

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