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Heritage Tomato, Sungold Tomato Broth, Lemon Balm and Cottage Cheese

A Summer Sungold Tomato Dish

Tomatoes can and should be one of the most amazing ingredients we have to work with. The plant's complex flavor and impressive variety are often overlooked when generic, uniformly tasteless varieties

Organic kohlrabi at the farmers market

All About Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi looks similar to a turnip, generally round in shape with leaves growing out of one end; both the ball and leaves are edible. Kohlrabi can range in color from white to green to purple and is

Bitter ingredients

Why Your Food Needs Bitterness

Why is bitter an important part of flavor? To start, our taste buds are extremely attuned to the taste of bitterness, especially at the backs of our mouths. Scientists theorize this evolved as a “last


A Sound Way to Organize Your Spices

My method for the last few years has been through notes (hence the punny title of this post, heh heh). Specifically, tasting them and mentally shuffling spices into top, middle or base notes. Much

Potatoes in a burlap sack

The Potato's Profound Impact and Potential

We tend to take potatoes for granted. The staple is a “simple," readily available, easily grown tuber that has been a part Western culture for at least 400 years. The potato was cultivated by the Inca

Agnolotti pasta at ICE

Four Pasta Shapes to Practice

Rolling out pasta shapes with fresh dough can be therapeutic, fun and enjoyable with family and friends and only requires eggs and flour. There are many ways to make each pasta shape, differing

Brazil nuts, pistachios and walnuts

Nut and Seed Sources of Plant-Based Protein

There are several avenues to explore to incorporate these vital building blocks into your meal planning. Some of the most readily available proteins come in the form of nuts, which are also sources of

Chef Ana Ros Transports Culinary Students with a Taste of Slovenia

You can cross Slovenia from east to west in three hours, Chef Ana divulged while introducing the nature of her country, which is bordered by Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. “We’ve been a part of

Fermented Mushroom and toasted barley broth, coal-grilled king oyster mushroom, salsify and tarragon emulsion

Finding Umami with a Fermented Mushroom Dish

The word umami describes one of the five main tastes, alongside bitter, sweet, salty and sour. Over 100 years ago, Dr. Ikeda in Japan discovered Umami as an addition to the already documented four

Sara Tane made sausage in Mod 5 of Culinary Arts

Mod 5: The Glamour of Garde Manger

It’s probably for the best that the pastry module is over because your body can only eat croissants for dinner for so long. This is a chapter in my culinary school diaries that I am ready to leave

Goat Cheese Mousse, Pickled Beets, Beet Gel, Puffed Amaranth, Celery and Beet Coral

Testing Texture with Goat Cheese and Beets

Sat Bains from Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham, eloquently says his job is to "f--- you up with flavor”. As chefs, when we combine elements for flavor, we have the opportunity to refine each

A chicken and lime dish

Asian Cuisines and Modern Plating in Mod 3

The biggest takeaway from this past chapter of school is that I’ve been stir-frying incorrectly my entire life. Good to know! Life-shattering epiphanies aside, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the

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