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Frequently Asked Questions About Attending the Institute of Culinary Education

Get answers to some of the most common questions about starting school at ICE.

The decision to start culinary school can come with a lot of questions, but the ICE team is here to put your mind at ease and help you get started on the path to an exciting career in the culinary and hospitality field. At ICE, every prospective student has a personal Admissions Representative who is available to answer all your questions about the industry, the school and the program or programs that may be a good fit for your long-term goals.

It’s easy! Just submit our Request for Information Form and we’ll send you more information about the school and our programs. An Admissions Representative will also reach out to get to know more about you, your background and your goals.

You can also browse our website to find more information about our on-campus and online programs.

Taking a campus tour is the best way to get a feel for what ICE is all about! Even if you plan to enroll in one of our online programs, walking through the halls of ICE and seeing students in their kitchens and classrooms provides an unparalleled glimpse into the energy and enthusiasm that makes ICE such a special place. Can’t come in person? Your Admissions Representative would be happy to set up a virtual tour via zoom. Simply complete our Request for Information Form and we’ll get in touch to set up a visit!

Yes! ICE currently offers Associate Degrees in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts and Plant-Based Culinary Arts that can be completed in just over a year. These unique programs are a combination of hands-on training classes in our professional-grade kitchens, specialized culinary business management lessons in a classroom setting and online general education coursework that relates to a career in the culinary industry. To request more information about ICE’s degree programs submit our simple Request for Information Form.

Absolutely! ICE students come from all walks of life and many maintain full-time jobs while also making their culinary and hospitality school dreams come true. You can register for evening or weekend classes on campus, or maximize your flexibility with one of ICE’s online programs.

Yes! ICE continues to expand our program offerings based on what our students need. Our Culinary Arts & Food Operations, Plant-Based Culinary Arts & Food Operations, Restaurant & Culinary Management and Hospitality & Hotel Management programs are all offered fully online* to maximize flexibility for our students without sacrificing quality.

*please note: ICE's online programs are currently available to students in select states and industry externships must be completed in-person in professional kitchens

Applying to ICE is quick and easy! Simply complete our online application and your personal Admissions Representative will be in touch to discuss what program(s) and schedules are a good fit for you. Classes start regularly throughout the year so there is no formal ‘deadline’ for applying. It is important to note, however, that our class sizes are capped in order to maintain our high educational standards. That means the sooner you apply the better the odds you’ll get a seat in your first-choice of classes.

That depends on your interests and goals. The path to success is different for every student; there is no right way (or wrong way). Working with your personal Admissions Representative is vital to finding the program or combination of programs to maximize your experience and help set you up for the best possible opportunities after school. If you haven’t already, you can connect with an Admissions Representative by submitting our simple Request for Information Form.

Absolutely. While we strongly encourage students to gain at least some experience in a restaurant kitchen through their industry externship, many of our graduates go on to satisfying careers in other areas of the food industry, such as recipe or product testing, food styling, personal and private chef jobs, catering, corporate dining, spas and retreat centers, and much more! You can get a glimpse at what ICE alumni are up to via our Alumni News page or check out our blog, dICEd

A love of food and hospitality knows no age limit, and our kitchens and classrooms are proof! While we cannot guarantee the composition of any particular cohort, ICE students range from recent high school graduates, to retirees looking to finally follow their passion, and everyone in between. In fact, approximately half of our student population are considered “career changers.”

A career in the world of food and hospitality has never been ‘one size fits all,’ which is why ICE offers a wide variety of programs/courses and the ability for students to combine them to meet their goals  – and receive a discount! A dual diploma track enables students to take at least two programs, either simultaneously or sequentially. This oftentimes means enrolling in an Arts program such as Culinary Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts or Pastry & Baking Arts along with the Restaurant & Culinary Management program, which prepares students for the operations side of running a kitchen, restaurant, or other food business. Alternately, some students choose to enroll in an Arts program and then supplement their hands-on training with one of ICE's continuing education courses, such as Intensive Sommelier Training, Artisan Bread Baking, or The Art of Cake Decorating. In each case, students can qualify for a discount. Ask your Admissions Representative for more details!

Yes! ICE works with federal and state agencies to offer financial aid to students who qualify. Once you apply, you and your Admissions Representative work with your personal Student Financial Services Advisor to apply for financial aid, and see what other forms of loans, grants and scholarships you may be eligible for. Refer to our Financial Aid page for more details.  

Yes! ICE works with a wide variety of industry partners to provide opportunities to cover some or all of a student’s tuition costs through scholarships. We also offer several scholarships ourselves. In addition, ICE hosts sponsored cooking competitions that provide current students with additional scholarship opportunities.

Enrolling at ICE is a straightforward process. Once you submit your application online your Admissions Representative will work closely with you to complete all necessary paperwork and collaborate with your Student Financial Services Advisor to find a plan for financing your tuition. Refer to our How to Enroll page for details about specific admissions requirements by campus and program.