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Professional Mixology

Master the art of mixology at ICE

Intensive Course

Training for creative and business-minded bartenders

Are you a working bartender looking to elevate your craft? A cocktail aficionado who wants to gain professional skills? ICE’s six-session Professional Mixology course will provide the foundation in the history, science and hands-on skills that you’ll need to stir, shake and speak about cocktails with authority. Held in our state-of-the-art Mixology Center, the program is designed and taught by ICE Director of Spirits Education, Anthony Caporale. 

Learn more about the Professional Mixology curriculum below.


Quick Facts

Next Start Date: October 16, 2019

Duration: 6 weeks

Class Times: 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

Tuition: $595


The Mixology Center at ICE

Once the stuff of vintage "Mad Men" nostalgia, craft cocktails have rapidly become one of the most lucrative and far-reaching trends in the hospitality industry. At ICE's dedicated Mixology Center, students have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the environment of the world's top mixologists. Train behind a state-of-the-art bar designed by leading cocktail experts. Overseen by ICE Director of Beverage Studies, Anthony Caporale, mixology classes span such subjects as classic '60s cocktails, greenmarket mixology and modernist cocktail concepts. Watch to learn more.

An Expert Mixologist

In a project with ICE, Anthony teamed up with Food & Wine magazine's former editor in chief Dana Cowin to explore the fundamentals behind making the perfect martini in a four-part video series.

Meet Anthony Caporale

He has also spearheaded YouTube’s very first bartender training series, "Art of the Drink," and garnered rave reviews for his off-Broadway show, "The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking." In his most recent project with ICE, he teamed up with Food & Wine magazine's former editor in chief Dana Cowin to explore the fundamentals behind making the perfect martini in a four part video series.

Today, Anthony’s multidisciplinary talents have made beverage management one of the most dynamic elements of ICE’s career programs: “Being a great bar or beverage manager used to be a bonus for front-of-house professionals, because all the cocktails were standardized. But today, with the renaissance of cocktail culture, it’s expected that restaurants put as much thought and expertise into their bar as their food menu — otherwise, every single reviewer will destroy you.”

As part of his curriculum, Anthony performs the role of mixology myth buster, exposing the economic and human resources issues that can sink even the most exciting bar program. “People always say you make all your money behind the bar in restaurants. It’s laughable because you’re literally tracking liquid, which is much, much harder than noticing the disappearance of silverware or chicken breasts. In fact, most restaurants are losing money behind the bar because they haven’t properly trained and motivated their staff.”

For ICE students and bar professionals alike, Anthony’s no-nonsense take on the industry is as refreshing as a summertime gin and tonic: “Good bartenders always remember that the craft is not about making the drink, it’s about serving the drink. People will forgive a mediocre drink if the service is amazing, but they won’t come back for an amazing drink served by a messy or rude bartender.”

Ready to dive into mastering mixology?

Our next class begins Wednesday, October 16.

Session 1: Introduction to Professional Mixology.
Session 2: Mixology Techniques.
Session 3: Classic Cocktails.
Session 4: Culinary Mixology.
Session 5: Bar Management Basics/Wine & Beer Cocktails.
Session 6: Cocktail Recipe Development.