A banner of international flags - photo by Andrew Butler on Unsplash

International Students

Your Passport to an Amazing Culinary or Hospitality Career

Like the cities our campuses are located in, ICE is a hub of multiculturalism. Our students come from more than 44 countries, giving our classrooms a true international character.

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New York has a food scene like no other city in the world — name a cuisine and we bet you can find it. Our New York campus provides international students with opportunities for vibrant cultural experiences that include access to a vast array of ethnic restaurants, gourmet markets and culinary resources.

It’s no wonder that so many international culinary students have chosen ICE as their “passport” to a rewarding and successful culinary career.

ice-international-programs-map.jpgInternational students may enroll in the career Culinary ArtsPastry & Baking Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts or Hospitality & Hotel Management programs.