Groundbreaking New Culinary Management Diploma Now Offered at Peter Kump's New York Cooking School

New York, NY — Peter Kump's New York Cooking School has launched its new Culinary Management Diploma (CMD). This program, which began in October, 2000, is the first of its kind in the United States. In creating this unique program, Peter Kump's is responding to the growing demand from food professionals who want to expand their own culinary knowledge beyond cooking and from owners and operators who are looking for employees with a wider range of skills and expertise. CMD is different from traditional college culinary management programs because it is an intensive 26-week 316-hour program that has an entrepreneurial focus and is geared towards an adult audience.

Organized around twelve courses, CMD provides the foundation necessary to understand all of the issues of today's competitive culinary market. CMD is designed for people who are interested in managing or owning a culinary business, like restaurants, catering companies, retail food shops. The courses cover a wide range of fundamental topics including concept development, marketing, menus, financial planning, purchasing, design, staff management, food safety and food service law.

Beyond lectures and classroom work, CMD curriculum goes into the professional arena with field trips, guest experts and hands-on experience with P.O.S. (point of sale) systems. Likewise the programís teaching materials are equally diverse and innovative ranging from textbooks and general management books to customized case studies and video based materials.

This program is ideal for career changers, culinary professionals who need a foundation of business and management skills, or anyone interested in entering the restaurant industry from the front-of-the-house side. Students must have a minimum of two years of college or a high school diploma or GED with two years of work experience. The work experience need not be in the food service industry.

CMD is designed to compliment Peter Kump's professional diploma programs in Culinary Arts and Pastry and Baking Arts. All three programs are offered on morning, afternoon and evening schedules allowing students to pursue two diplomas at the same time in a ìdouble major.î The CMD program is divided into three four-hour classes per week. Tuition for the CMD is $8500, with a 20% discount for students enrolled in both the CMD and one other diploma program. The next three start dates are February 19, April 9, and May 21, 2001.

Founded in 1974, Peter Kump's New York Cooking School offers three accredited professional diploma programs in Culinary Arts, pastry & baking Arts and Culinary Management. There is also an extensive recreational program that operates 360 days a year.