The Institute of Culinary Education Launches Advanced Pastry Courses for Professionals

NEW YORK, August 1, 2005—The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE®) is pleased to announce the inception of The Center for Advanced Pastry Studies, an ongoing series of multi-day, continuing education courses for working pastry and baking professionals, taught by visiting chefs and pastry artists from around the world.

The initial schedule, from fall 2005 to spring 2006, includes eight internationally recognized experts such as Philippe Givre, Stéphane Glacier, Ciril Hitz, Michael Joy, and Olivier Bajard. They will teach courses ranging from advanced sugar artistry and decorative doughs to plated desserts and chocolate mold making (see enclosed chart for complete schedule and fees). Courses will be two to three days in duration, and will be limited to 14 students, who have already earned a diploma or degree in pastry and baking or have at least two years of full-time experience in the pastry and baking field. Course fees range from $595 to $1050.

CAPS @ ICE® will be the only program of its type in the Northeast, and most of these experts have never taught a multi-day, hands-on course in New York City. “It is notable that there has never been a venue in New York City where working pastry and baking professionals could go for advanced level continuing education,” commented ICE® President Rick Smilow. “We are thrilled to welcome these experts and the students who will be in their classes. This furthers our commitment to the pastry and baking industry and also offers our career students the opportunity to see top professionals in action.”

ICE® Master Chef-Instructor Michelle Tampakis is the CAPS program coordinator; she stated: “This program is bringing an amazing level of talent to New York City. Based on their awards, books, and achievements, the CAPS roster is truly an all-star team.” Co-sponsors of CAPS @ ICE® include Pastry Art & Design and Dairyland/Chef’s Warehouse.

CAPS @ ICE® 2005-2006 Schedule and Fees
Michael Joy, Director & Owner, Chicago School of Moldmaking Chocolate
Mon 11/14 8-5 PM Tue 11/15 8-5 PM Wed 11/16 8-5 PM

Oliver Bajard, M.O.F. Consultant, Former World Pastry Champion
Mon 1/9 7AM-12PM Tue 1/10 7AM-12P M Wed 1/11 7AM-12PM

Marco Casol, Pre Gel USA
Mon 2/27 7-12 PM Tue 2/28 7-12 PM Wed 3/1 7-12 PM

Ciril Hitz, Senior Instructor, Johnson & Wales
Fri 3/3 7-10 PM Sat 3/4 9-4 PM Sun 3/5 9-1 PM

Stéphane Glacier, M.O.F. Author, Sucre d'Art; Consultant
Mon 5/8 8-4 PM Tue 5/9 8-4 PM Wed 5/10 8-4 PM

Anil Rohira,  Executive Pastry Chef, Albert Uster Imports; Former Pastry Team USA Captain
Tue 5/16 7-12 PM Wed 5/17 7-12 PM Thu 5/18 7-12 PM

For program information, contact Michelle Tampakis at 718-755-8856.

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