Georgia's famed bread, the Khachapuri

Georgian Khachapuri with The League of Kitchens

Learn the secrets to Georgia's famed bread, the Khachapuri, from The League of Kitchen's Elmira Avetian. The national dish of Georgia, the cheese-filled bread comes in many forms and can be found as street food to the dinner table--this version hails from the Black Sea region of Adjara and is boat-shaped to honor local fishermen, filled with molten cheese to represent the sea, and topped with a runny egg to embody the sun. During this demo, Elmira will shed light on her native Georgian and Armenian cuisines as she showcases how this iconic bread is prepared, explaining the dough and how it all lovingly comes together to be eaten.

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Free for students and alumni.

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About the League of Kitchens:

The League of Kitchens is team of immigrants from around the world who welcome guests into their homes to teach them and their family their native recipes and lead shopping excursions.