Molded chocolates in the ICE Chocolate Lab at the Institute of Culinary Education

ICE + Tomric Systems

Honing the Craft of Fine Chocolate

Excellent Craftsmanship for the Nation's First Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Lab

tomric_375x375.jpgAs ICE developed plans for the nation’s first bean-to-bar chocolate education facility, we realized that to create exquisite molded, single-origin chocolate bars, truffles and more, we would need a partner in the art of chocolate tempering, enrobing and moulds.

Founded in 1962, Tomric Systems is the leading manufacturer and distributor of professional grade moulds and equipment for artisanal chocolate production. With more than 3,000 mould designs—from flat bars to filled bonbons and pralines—their headquarters in Buffalo, New York, produce more tools for creative design and customization than any other American manufacturer of professional grade, durable polycarbonate moulds.

In ICE’s Chocolate Lab, Pastry & Baking Arts students and visiting pastry professionals will have access to more than one hundred moulds provided by Tomric, offering a pristine, glossy finish for each of their creations. 

Moreover, as the exclusive North American distributor of Selmi Chocolate Machinery, Tomric has outfitted ICE’s Chocolate Lab with a state-of-the-art Selmi Plus EX automatic tempering and depositing machine, equipped with a Selmi enrobing attachment. For career students, access to this “Ferrari” of tempering and enrobing will complement the experience of learning these techniques by hand, offering insight into the high-volume methods used by the world’s leading artisanal chocolate manufacturers.

“From a production standpoint, outfitting the chocolate studio with Selmi equipment means ready access to perfectly tempered chocolate for the duration of a full working session. Not only does that save time and boost productivity, but with the added applications of the enrobing attachment, I know that I can walk into the studio every day and try something new.” – Michael Laiskonis, ICE Creative Director

Combined with the unique capabilities of the school’s line of Cacao Cucina bean-to-bar equipment, our partnership with Tomric Systems elevates ICE’s Chocolate Lab as a premier destination for experimentation, discovery and creativity in the world of chocolate.


For research, partnership and event opportunities at ICE's Chocolate Lab, please contact Chef Michael Laiskonis at mlaiskonis@ice.eduFor more information about Tomric Systems, please contact or call 716-854-6050.