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Information for high school students curious about culinary school.

You’ve Just Graduated...Now What?

Everyone knows about your love for the kitchen, the feeling of satisfaction and confidence you get when cooking. Your future seems closer than it did even a month ago, and you're eager to turn that passion into a creative career in the culinary arts. But how do you make that a reality?

We know you have questions. Is it worth the time and expense to go to a "traditional" college vs. culinary school? How will you get a job? Is it necessary to go to school or should you just look for a job in a kitchen? Relax, you've come to the right place. We've answered these questions for tens of thousands of talented, creative students like you.

An Education Tailored to Fit Your Interests.

Our mission is to help you find your culinary voice. In just 6-12 months, you will learn not only the key skills that form the foundation of any good culinary education, but will also tap into your own creativity and passion for food. This process includes an externship at a restaurant or food organization that fits your personal interests and ambitions, followed by job placement assistance from our award-winning career services team. In fact, ICE's outstanding track record for job placement has been recognized by the ACCSC, offering more than six job opportunities for every graduate.

No Experience Is Necessary.

ICE’s career training programs are hands-on, and a large number of our students have not worked in the industry before. We do not require liberal arts classes (literature, math, psychology, etc.), which means you can finish your diploma and start on the road to a successful career in food faster than at other culinary schools.

A Diploma Is All You Need.

You don’t need a two or four-year degree to find success in the culinary arts. Time and time again, the leading employers in the industry tell us they care more about your school's reputation—as well as your personal your work ethic and attitude—than whether you earned a diploma or degree. Our diploma-earning alumni are offered the same and often better jobs than students with associates' degrees from other culinary schools. That said, your ICE education may be eligible for college transfer credit, for students looking to complete a more traditional degree after graduation.

Award-Winning Education in Just 6-13 Months

ICE is unique in that we don’t have semesters, application deadlines, or a six-month decision process. Our diploma programs have rolling start dates each month of the year, allowing you to get into the classroom—and start your career—faster. You might even be able to start right after graduation.

Tours of ICE are available six days a week, including flexible morning and evening hours. While you're here, you can speak with the Office of Financial Aid about your options for financing an ICE education. Financial Aid is available to all that qualify at ICE. It's an investment in your future, but you can learn about how to make it easier while you're visiting.

After you graduate high school, the only paperwork you need to apply is a copy of your high school diploma or official transcript. It’s that easy.

We’re in a New York State of Mind — and Now in L.A., Too! 

New York City is the home of our flagship campus and an ideal place to start a career in the culinary arts. NYC offers a vibrant cultural experience, a wide range of international restaurants, gourmet markets, food media companies, and culinary resources. ICE's second campus in Los Angeles offers our award-winning career training programs on the west coast, too — and our students will have the chance to take advantage of the culinary scene in L.A., arguably the most exciting food city in America.

ICE's Student Housing coordinator can help you find safe, comfortable, and convenient housing in some of the city's most exciting communities, without the hassle of negotiating rent or securing a roommate. We have options for every budget from dorms to apartments, depending only on what’s best for you.

So What’s Next?

Experiencing the school first-hand is the best way to get to know ICE. Meet with our staff to discuss your career goals, take a tour, and speak with our chef-instructors. You can even schedule a time to sit in on an actual class and get a peek at day-to-day life as an ICE student.

Don’t be shy – these experiences are free of charge and designed to help you make an informed decision. Bring along your friends and family. They’ll see why more than 10,000 people like you chose to begin their culinary careers at ICE.

Click here to request more information and get started. It could be the most important "click" of the rest of your life.


Information for high school students about ICE's culinary programs