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Our Approach

The ICE Consulting Group offers services from our expert team of instructors.Client-Focused and Guest-Centric

Our years in the hospitality business have made us uniquely hardwired to operate with the highest service standards. We foster long-term connections with our clients and partners, forming relationships the old-fashioned way: one project and person at a time.

An Investment That Pays Off

We also know the values of successful entrepreneurs and corporations—in fact, many of our consultants have been business owners, CEOs or COOs themselves. We speak the same language and can modify our approach to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our methods are always budget-sensitive and efficient; we only spend the time that is needed to execute your specific project. At the same time, we practice accuracy; our eye for detail is at the heart of what we do. Finally, our success is measured by meeting and exceeding quantifiable industry standards. We’re here to ensure you satisfy your goals, achieve your dreams and help your business excel.

Collaboration That Benefits You

Each member of our team contributes unique talents to the success of the ICE consulting unit. We have worked with the most highly respected companies in the world and are prepared to serve the growth of your unique business concept and brand.

Our methods are based on our love of collaboration; we appreciate each others’ strengths and know our success is all the greater when we join forces. Moreover, through our industry connections, you’ll gain unprecedented access to the top vendors, designers, architects, chefs and other resources.

Proven Expertise and Industry Scope

With more than 300 collective years of experience in food service and hospitality, we cover the full range of any business need in the industry and always continue to expand our knowledge and territory. While our group is based in New York, our work is represented throughout the United States and has also impacted many European markets.

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Find your cullinary voice