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ICE provides scholarship opportunities to help students launch careers in food and hospitality.

Start your scholarship search by reviewing the below list, including scholarships from ICE as well as our food industry partners and a vetted list of outside organizations. Please note the varying deadlines and application requirements for each individual scholarship.

For additional information about any of these scholarships, feel free to contact our Office of Student Financial Services directly at (888) 921-CHEF or

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For some applicants the dream of attending ICE seems impossible due to an inability to obtain financing. The ICE Cares Scholarship was created to enable these applicants to enroll in Career Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts or Plant-Based Culinary Arts Programs with a grant of $25,000. Up to 20 scholarships will be awarded each year to academically qualified applicants who have completed the financial aid process but were unable to secure sufficient funds.

Applicants must:
1. Apply to ICE and pay the application fee.
2. Complete the ICE financial aid process including submitting a FAFSA (a copy must be submitted to the Institute of Culinary Education to demonstrate financial need) and have been disapproved by Plus, NJ Class, Sallie Mae and Tuition Flex.
3. Have a grade point average of at least 2.5 in high school or college.
4. Be planning a career in the culinary industry.
5. Satisfy the entrance requirements for the Institute of Culinary Education
     • Applicants must be a high school graduate or have a GED
     • Those with international documentation must have an official certified translation indicating that the student completed the equivalent of at least a secondary school in the U.S.A.
6. The amount of the scholarship will depend on the amount of financial aid received. All financial aid must be applied to the cost of tuition, books, uniforms and equipment (as applicable) before utilizing the ICE Cares Scholarship funds to cover the remaining balance due. The maximum value of the Scholarship is $25,000.

There is no deadline for this scholarship opportunity – awards are announced monthly. The scholarship will be in the form of a tuition credit applied to the student's Balance Due upon enrollment in the Career Culinary Arts, Career Pastry & Baking Arts or Career Plant-Based Culinary Arts Program. The scholarship must be redeemed within one year of being awarded and placement in class will be on a space-available basis. ICE will notify the student at least 30 days before the start date of an available class.

Please contact your Admissions Representative for additional information.

The ICE High School Senior Scholarship is intended for current high school senior applicants, and may be applied towards tuition for Career Culinary Arts, Career Pastry & Baking Arts, or Career Plant-Based Culinary Arts. Fifteen (15) scholarships will be awarded each year in the amount of $5,000.

Applicants must:

  1. Meet entrance requirements (except having a high school diploma)
  2. Be in their senior year of high school at time of application (with documentation from their school)
  3. Take the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

The 15 highest scoring applicants on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test will receive a scholarship. An applicant may take the examination only once. Scholarships will be awarded on the first Monday in August of each year. The scholarship is paid via a tuition credit issued by ICE to the student’s account. The credit is good for one year from the date of award and may not be transferred. In the event that an applicant fails to graduate from high school or is unable to utilize the scholarship, the scholarship will be awarded to the next highest-scoring applicant.

For additional information, feel free to contact our Office of Student Financial Services directly at (888) 921-CHEF or

Kevin Nurse graduated from ICE's Culinary Arts Program in 2008. Kevin triumphed over remarkable odds with his own health to graduate from ICE and become a chef. Shortly before enrolling at ICE, he underwent a lifesaving heart transplant and discovered that in an amazing coincidence his heart donor had also attended culinary school and worked as a chef. Kevin felt that he was meant to carry on the donor's legacy. Sadly, Kevin passed in July 2010. This scholarship honors his memory and celebrates his life and passion for the culinary arts, helping further carry on his inspirational story.

The scholarship is intended for a student who has overcome a medical hardship afflicting him or herself, or who has a family member with a medical hardship. The applicant must demonstrate a passion for education in the foodservice or hospitality industries to be eligible for the scholarship. Applicants should submit a 1,000-word essay explaining the applicant's medical hardship, passion for cooking and why he or she is deserving of the scholarship. Additional consideration will be given to candidates who have given back to the community and helped generate awareness of the affliction. To qualify,applicants must meet all ICE entrance requirements and have applied to ICE but not yet be enrolled. The scholarship winner must begin their program of choice within one year of accepting the award.


One total scholarship awarded in the amount listed below (varies by program):

  • Culinary Arts Program: $10,000
  • Pastry & Baking Arts Program: $10,000
  • Plant-Based Culinary Arts Program: $10,000
  • Restaurant & Culinary Management Program: $5,000
  • Hospitality & Hotel Management Program: $5,000

Submission timeframe:

  • Starting: January 1, 2023
  • Deadline: March 1, 2023

All submissions should be sent electronically to No paper submissions will be accepted.

This scholarship is awarded in the form of a tuition credit applied to the student’s tuition, fees and charges. The student’s own funds must cover the remaining balance of tuition.

James Beard is recognized as the father of American gastronomy. After his death, Julia Child and Peter Kump, founder of Institute of Culinary Education, founded the James Beard Foundation. The Foundation's mission is to foster the appreciation and development of gastronomy by preserving culinary heritage and recognizing and promoting excellence in all aspects of the culinary arts. To qualify for these scholarships, you may not be a current or enrolled student of ICE, must be between 19 and 35 and meet ICE's admission requirements. 

Three Scholarships awarded in the amounts listed below:

  • Career Culinary Arts Program or Career Plant-Based Culinary Arts Program: $3,500
  • Career Pastry & Baking Arts Program: $3,500
  • Restaurant & Culinary Management or Hospitality & Hotel Management Program: $2,500

For Scholarship info, submissions dates, guidelines and applications go to

Interested students must complete the online application at and submit it along with a current, complete transcript of grades. Applicants must also submit two letters of reference, a copy of their most recent Federal tax return and an essay.

Contact: The James Beard Foundation, c/o Scholarship Department, 167 West 12th Street, New York NY. | 212-675-4984 |

Founded in 1990, Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) has worked to enhance the culinary arts curriculum in public schools as well as better prepare underserved students for college and career opportunities in the culinary and hospitality industries. Click here to learn more about C-CAP.

Each year, ICE partners with C-CAP to offer two scholarships through the C-CAP Scholarship Program:

  1. One tuition credit for the Hospitality Management Program, and
  2. One tuition credit towards the Career Culinary Arts Program, Career Pastry & Baking Arts Program or Career Plant-Based Culinary Arts Program.

The scholarship covers tuition only for the program selected; student’s own funds must cover expenses for program supplies.

To be eligible for this scholarship students must apply and be selected to compete in the C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships.  The Competition is a three-tier cooking competition where high school students compete for post-secondary culinary and hospitality school scholarships. Students must be selected to participate in each of the following:

  • C-CAP Application
  • C-CAP Preliminary Competition
  • C-CAP Final Competition
  • C-CAP Interview

Applications are submitted through a student’s culinary teacher or local C-CAP Coordinator and are accepted typically from September through December annually. Applicants must be currently attending a C-CAP partner public high school or after school program and must complete the C-CAP Competition application process.

The scholarships are awarded to finalists in the C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships, which is typically held in April of each year. Finalists and scholarship winners are selected based on performance in the competition, soft skills (such as attitude and integrity), scholarship eligibility, financial need, and applicant’s school preferences.

Please contact C-CAP with any questions regarding the scholarship at


Founded in 1990, Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) has worked to enhance the culinary arts curriculum in public schools as well as better prepare underserved students for college and career opportunities in the culinary and hospitality industries. Click here to learn more about C-CAP.

Three (3) tuition scholarships are awarded each year for the Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Management Program in the value of up to $15,530. Applicants must be a current or past participant in C-CAP in high school.Eligible applicants must apply through C-CAP. Visit to find your local C-CAP office. Winners are selected by C-CAP in April and October annually.

Eligible students should contact C-CAP to apply. Please also contact C-CAP with any questions regarding the scholarship at

The Jean-Georges Food Dreams Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between underprivileged students and the working culinary community. Students who have received a scholarship directly from the Food Dreams Foundation may be eligible for an additional scholarship from ICE. Eligible applicants must satisfy the entrance requirements to ICE and have applied to the school but not yet enrolled. Eligible applicants must also be willing complete the Food Dreams Job Program at one of several Jean-Georges Vongerichten properties for a period of at least one year following their education.

Scholarship value varies by program and class schedule selected. Up to 25 scholarships per year will be awarded on an ongoing basis. Please visit for additional information.

Aarón Sánchez is an award-winning chef, author and philanthropist who’s dedicated to preserving his family’s legacy through food. The Aarón Sánchez Scholarship Fund (ASSF) empowers aspiring chefs by awarding successful applicants with full culinary scholarships to ICE, along with ongoing mentorship. 

Each scholarship recipient receives:

    •    One full scholarship to culinary school in New York City
    •    Eleven months room and board in New York City
    •    All of the supplies needed for school
    •    A monthly unlimited metro card
    •    Flights and ground transportation to and from New York for the start and end of the program
    •    Local mentorships during the program
    •    Culinary industry experience

The 2022 scholarship application deadline is October 15, 2022.

For Scholarship info, guidelines and applications go to:

Interested students must complete the online application at

The ACF Education Foundation, with the support of the American Academy of Chefs (AAC), offers educational scholarships to high school students, college students, current culinary students and professional chefs looking to further their education.

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NRA Education Foundation offers a variety of merit-based scholarships to students who want an education and a career in the foodservice industry, starting at $2,500 per award.

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A collection of regional chapters, the NEWH seeks to promote scholarship, education and interest in the Hospitality Industry and related fields.

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Each year, the trust provides merit-based scholarships to students at member institutions who are committed to pursuing careers in accredited programs in the foodservice profession or related areas.

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IFEC strives to increase awareness and understanding of career opportunities available in the fields of foodservice and food communications and to encourage the entry of qualified individuals into these fields.

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