ICE held a bake sale to help US hurricane relief efforts in the fall of 2017

ICE Gives Back

Our Community's Philanthropic Efforts


At its core, hospitality is about giving. We are therefore not surprised, and always impressed, by the contributions of time, money and food that we see chefs and restaurants making to a wide range of charities.

As a leader in the culinary and hospitality training field, we think it is important that ICE does more than our share to give back. We hope to be role models and inspire our students, customers and other schools and companies in this regard.

ICE’s charitable and philanthropic activity and initiatives are categorized into four broad areas:

  1. Hunger Relief — Local & Global
  2. Disaster Relief
  3. Education & Training
  4. Enhancing our Community

To achieve these goals, we give money, time, energy and space at the school. We also give scholarships and logistical support to help others raise funds, and much, much more.