Sex and the Restaurant World

NEW YORK, NY. NOVEMBER 5, 2007 — Does sex sell food? A group of industry specialists will present a panel on Sex and the Restaurant World on Sunday, November 11th from 3:00 to 4:30pm at the International Hotel/Motel Restaurant Show in New York City.

Hotel and Restaurant operators offer deliciously formulated menus, served by well-trained, seductive staffs, in costly manipulated ambience. Is sex a major product, too? Can a savvy operator understand how to manage the human attraction factor with all of its appeals, subtleties, hazards, consequences and legalities?

Stephen Zagor, Director of Career Management Program at The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE®) will moderate a panel of four illustrious food industry experts who will discuss the topic. The panelists include Mark Maynard-Parisi, Managing Partner of Union Square Hospitality Group and lecturer at ICE® ; Dr. Neal Bermas, noted food industry consultant and faculty member of ICE®; Jason M. Apfelbaum, President and CEO of Chef & Company, LLC and ICE® alumnus; and Teresa M. Holland of Epstein Becker & Green.

Other aspects of sex in the food business that will be discussed include:

• Does direct sex appeal result in higher salaries and better tips?
• Do attractive people really bring in more business?
• Is front-of-the-house staff trained to be friendly? Can they be too friendly?
• Do the design, décor and uniforms of the servers engineer and influence sex appeal?
• Does advertising and marketing reflect a sexual positioning of the business?
• Are operators aware of the legalities and challenges associated with using sex as a direct and indirect tool?

Public Relations Contact: Lisa Pisano • • 212.847.0775