Rocker Bros Meat

Partnering with Your Purveyor: Discuss Sourcing with Debbie Rocker of Rocker Bros. Meat & Provisions

As a chef, there’s no one you rely on more than the cooks in your kitchen and your purveyors. A purveyor is a chef’s true partner, and the relationship you have with them can greatly affect your bottom line. In this hour-long seminar with Debbie Rocker, you will learn what to expect and how to order the right products as well as preview the options and cuts of meat that Rocker Bros. has to offer.

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Free for students and alumni. Sign up sheet on the 3rd Floor at the LRC information desk.

Institute of Culinary Education

Lab M-211
521 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

About Debbie Rocker: Debbie’s family has been in the wholesale meat business, serving well-known chefs and fine restaurants for more than 50 years. As a saleswoman at Rocker Bros Meat & Provisions, Debbie combines all of her passions and brings the best of the best to her customers. She works closely with ranchers and small farmers, supporting compassionate and innovative animal husbandry while bringing her chefs the finest tasting meats available. Debbie’s forward-thinking mentality, insight and experience is helpful for chefs who are looking for creative menu solutions, and she is a master at designing new uses for meats in order to gain greater sustainability and profitability.