Modernist Moments with Chef Herve Malivert and Dave Arnold

Join Director of Culinary Affairs, Herve Malivert, and Chef Dave Arnold as they explore various modernist techniques including making cocktails with liquid nitrogen, pressure-cooked deviled eggs and pressure-cooked onion ice cream.

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Demo Kitchen

A New York native, Dave Arnold began tinkering with restaurant equipment after earning his Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University’s School of the Arts. Once he met acclaimed Chef Wylie Dufresne, Chef Dave became even more passionate about all things culinary — specifically the high-tech cooking movement — and focused his engineering and inventing skills on professional and home cooking. In 2004, Arnold founded the Museum of Food and Drink in New York to promote learning about the history and culture of food. 

Dave Arnold is the founder of Booker and Dax, a kitchen equipment design company dedicated to inventing culinary products of the highest quality. He also hosts a top-rated weekly podcast called "Cooking Issues," and authored the James Beard and IACP award-winning book, "Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail."