Amy Scherber, Leslie Mackie and Sarah Black

Grains Across America

Join Amy Scherber, Leslie Mackie and Sarah Black in a class on bread, baking and grains through our Center for Advanced Pastry Studies (CAPS)! CAPS is designed for current industry professionals, offering single- and multi-day continuing education workshops taught by master chefs and critically acclaimed artists from all over the world. At CAPS, you will refine your skills, learn new and innovative techniques, and expand your current repertoire with hands-on classes among peers. What's more, all CAPS classes are approved for American Culinary Federation-certified education hours.

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  • Admission - $175
Institute of Culinary Education

Brookfield Place
225 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10281

The Institute of Culinary Education is happy to welcome three extraordinary bakers who will share their knowledge, wisdom and craft about bread, baking and grains in "Grains Across America," a class scheduled at ICE on June 13, Saturday from 1-5 pm. Amy Scherber of Amy’s Bread in NYC, Leslie Mackie of Macrina Bakery in Seattle and Sarah Black of SarahsBread in Columbus (founder of Tom Cat Bakery), who have been friends and colleagues in the baking industry for 30 plus years, will be teaching about bread within the context of their favorite grains, including whole grains, heritage and ancient grains, and especially grains from their dedicated locales. The class will be both hands-on and demonstration, and divided into three segments, approximately one hour per teacher. The students will leave with recipes, grains, breads, new skill sets and the knowledge and confidence to take their breads to a new flavor and textural level. Following the class from 5:30-7:30 pm there will be a reception with bread, cheese and wine to include a panel discussion moderated by Amy Halloran, whose book The New Bread Basket will be the theme of the evening, the topic of discussion will be how new old grains are changing our daily loaf. This unique opportunity to celebrate friendship, break bread, converse and support common goals is not to be missed.