Caymanian Plantain Dessert plated with Front of the House glassware at the Institute of Culinary Edcuation

ICE + Front of the House

Front of the House: The Canvas for Culinary Artistry

Plating Techniques for the Modern Kitchen

foh%20logo_375x375.jpgAs ICE students progress through their learning of culinary techniques and experience with global flavors, they realize that taste is only one of the key elements in their skillset. Expert chefs know that visual presentation is crucial to the enjoyment of any dish, making access to professional plating materials an essential part of the educational experience. This is why we’re proud to have Front of the House® (FOH®), the hospitality industry’s authority on tabletop and presentation trends, as ICE’s official dinnerware partner.

FOH® was founded in 2001 by Simone Mayer and Mayda Perez. As Chief Creative Officer and Chief Executive Officer, Mayer is the driving force behind FOH® Inc.’s innovative designs and corporate culture. “Fourteen years ago, I opened a retail store called real. life. basic. and quickly recognized that chefs and restaurateurs were craving something different to enhance their culinary creations,” Mayer explains. “My team and I listen intently to what chefs are saying, and we design and manufacture creative, unique and inspirational hospitality solutions at price points that are attainable on any budget.”

From their proprietary superwhite glaze and chip resistant porcelain wares (including a lifetime chip warranty), to eco-friendly, disposable dinnerware solutions, color dinnerware collections and a wide range of unique contemporary designs, FOH® truly serves all the creative needs of budding culinary talent.



Notable chefs and restaurateurs who choose Front of the House® dinnerware and accessories for their celebrated properties include Daniel Boulud, Bryan Voltaggio, Stephanie Izard, Morimoto, Paul Katz, Michelle Bernstein and dozens of other award-winning culinary leaders. Just as ICE students have the opportunity to work with the recipes of top chefs, our partnership with FOH® also provides them with access to the very same products chosen by these industry luminaries, and is an incredible benefit to their ICE education.

This partnership benefits all of ICE’s constituents, from our award-winning career programs to our School of Recreational Cooking, School of Professional Development and our special events division. With a diverse collection of more than 5,000 individual items from 20 of FOH®’s extensive collections of dinnerware, serving pieces and creative accessories, students will benefit from boundless opportunities in their exploration of contemporary and classic plating styles. We look forward to seeing their talents showcased on the finest dinnerware available to culinary professionals.

For more information about Front of the House® please visit To purchase FOH® products for your own business, please contact Kenny Rowley at or call 305.757.7940 x136.

The Craft of Plating: Expressing Creativity Through Your Culinary Canvas

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