Chef Missy Smith-Chapman in the kitchen.

ICE Women Chef-Instructors Out of the Office

We asked our women chef-instructors across both campuses what they can be found doing when they’re not on campus

Since ICE’s inception, our campuses have been home to a great number of chef-instructors whose talents reach far beyond what the curriculum teaches students.

Here, we celebrate our women chef-instructors both on- and off-campus.

Olivia Roszkowski

Culinary educator, recipe developer, chef and Brooklyn native, Olivia Roszkowski is no stranger to the plant-based lifestyle. A graduate from the Natural Gourmet Institute, Chef Olivia also has a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Behavior from Columbia University and is currently pursuing her Master's in Food Studies at NYU.

The Plant-Based Culinary Arts at ICE’s New York campus can be regularly found in the Fermentation Lab.

She also ferments at home.

“It’s more for function than experimentation purposes,” Chef Olivia says. “Some favorite staples include cultured plant-based Greek yogurt varieties, quinoa rejuvalac for dehydrated living seed crackers, hard apple cider kombucha, aged rind cashew cheeses and preserved lemon paste.”

As for her expertise?

“Flavor pairing, finding ways to showcase the ferments creatively in dishes and making the fermentation process less intimidating,” she says.

Another fun fact? She also cooks for her dogs daily.

Missy Smith-Chapman

A seasoned pastry arts educator, plant-based chef and food stylist, Chef Missy Smith-Chapman has over 20 years of professional experience, including stints at Epicurean Life Catering, Joachim Splichal’s Patina and an 18-year run at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles.

She is currently the Lead Chef-Instructor for both Pastry & Baking Arts and Plant-Based Culinary Arts at ICE’s Los Angeles campus.

Off-campus, you can find her doing literally anything outdoors.

“I live about two blocks from an amazing trailhead that can take you all over the San Gabriel Mountains,” she says. “I am an avid hiker, backpacker, camper and any home improvement I can get my hands on.”  

A “crazy morning person,” Chef Missy can be spotted as early as 5:30 in the morning with her dogs before hitting the farmers’ market.

"Believe it or not after work all I want to do is go home and cook dinner," she says. "I very rarely cook with recipes and I cook with the ingredients that I have picked up at the Farmers Market or grocery store.  Seasonal food is a must at my house."

Emilie Berner

Emilie Berner, MA, who developed ICE’s Online Plant-Based Culinary Arts & Food Operations program, is a chef, educator and integrative health coach.

A graduate of Barnard College and the Natural Gourmet Institute, Chef Emilie also has a Master’s in Food Studies from NYU, as well as a Health Coaching Certification from Duke Integrative Health.

Just as she developed a curriculum for ICE, she also develops recipes in her home kitchen.

“My go-to flavor profiles are Thai and Mexican, so I mainly hover around those,” she says. “I have a sweet tooth, too, so I am often looking for ways to make treats that are healthy. Recently I smashed up some dates, drizzled them with cashew butter, topped that with chopped toasted almond and coconut flakes, covered the whole darn thing with 70% chocolate and froze it. Topped with flaky salt and voilà — healthy treat success.”

Chef Emilie also enjoys experimenting with granola, like coconut-cardamom or banana-vanilla-pecan.

When she’s not experimenting in the kitchen — on- or off-campus — you can find Chef Emilie staying active by way of yoga, running and doing jiu-jitsu.

“I am also a health coach and work with a mental health clinic, supporting their patients in making lifestyle shifts that may support their mental health and well-being,” she says.

Norma Salazar

Chef Norma Salazar has more than 30 years of experience in the pastry industry as an executive pastry chef and chef-instructor. Starting out with her own catering company in Long Beach, Chef Norma has worked at various hotels in the City of Angels, as well as been teaching the art of pastry for 25 years.

“I enjoy cooking some of my family recipes, my family comes from Zacatecas Jalisco and Guadalajara Mexico,” she says. “The women on my mother’s side were the ones who cared for the home and family, so cooking was a big part of their daily chores. I remember standing next to my mother on a small white bench from an early age, watching her cook and bake. As I grew older I learned to make flour tortillas, cook pots of beans and make salsas. These three things were always served at every meal, along with the main course.”

As she got older, Chef Norma’s mother taught her the science of baking.

“Everything from her blueberry cinnamon rolls, cheese biscuits, cake cookies and pineapple pie, which to this day I make at least every month,” Chef Norma says.

Her mother also taught her how to make canned treats. 

“I love to make her four-pepper jelly for Thanksgiving each year,” Chef Norma says.

When she’s not on campus in Los Angeles, Chef Norma spends her time cooking and baking with her extended family, as well as teaching pastry classes at La Plaza Cocina.

Connie Elick

An Academic Instructor for our online programs, Connie Elick M.S. R.D. has both a Bachelor of Science in Foods & Nutrition and a Master of Science in Agriculture: Nutrition & Food Science from California State Polytechnic University. Since then, she has become a registered dietitian and teaches courses as a lecturer at California State University San Bernardino and at ICE.

When she’s off campus, you can find her hanging with her women’s social group that she started almost three years ago.

“I love the outings and get-togethers we plan, including going hiking at various locations, roller skating, watching live music — preferably classic rock of the 80s — and having closet swaps to help cut down on textile waste,” she says.

She also helps private clients work towards their health and nutrition goals.

Ms. Elick, too, uses her nutrition education at home.

“I’m usually preparing salads and overnight oats as [a] part of meal prepping,” she says. “I also love making some recipes that my mom used to make growing up. Trying new recipes is always fun and cooking for those I care about is a way to show that I care.”

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